The difference between starseed, crystal and indigo?

For some time now many individuals have been asking what is the difference between starseeds, crystals and indigos and for a while the answer was beyond me but then I did much research and it is theorized that:

  • Lightworkers are children of starseeds
  • Indigos are children of lightworkers
  • Crystals are children of Indigos

Also however it is believed that indigos and crystals are human and are what is known as the advanced human race....a part of the human race who are born with all knowledge of they're divine spark from which they were created and carry this spark in to adulthood which activates they're abilities....perhaps the advanced humans known as crystals and indigos are the children who are now being born from humans who have interacted with starseeds and walkins in the end were all just energy.


Now how this ties in with walkins? well it doesn't because walkins are different in a way you can read about walk ins here walks come usually later on in life when children have already been born to the human and if the walkin happens to have children then it is my understanding that this child will be a starseed.


In the end we are all energy based life forms tying to do our thing in the journey of life some are for self others are for others.

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