I've found there to be quite a variety of conflicting perspectives on this topic - some say that there are negative races out there that don't have out best interests at heart, others are adamant that there are no negative races, that such abductions are only ever conducted by humans in covert ways.
Personally the latter argument seems a little of to me, but I'm interested in hearing about both sides of the argument.

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I think like said above though, there seems to be so kind of 'karma' attachment to a lot of these situations that are difficult to see from an outside perspective, meaning that a lot of these times such 'evil forces were drawn to such individuals. At least thats my take on it :)

Atylmo said:

i think there exists evil forces out there in this universe also in higher dimension like 4 dimension , some of them lives on planet in this universe and have spaceships.i think some of this evil aliens murdering humans also they abduct them and sadly those humans will newer be found this happens all the time ewery year there are wanishing humans that will newer bee found again ,,all aliens is not good far from it its yust like on this earth most is good but some are pure evil

I think you're right, and at the end of the day the deciding factor in all these experiences is the energy the individual is sending out into the universe :)

Suzy said:

I don't know much, I never met them yet. But my opinion is that maybe there are many "shades" of values for every race, different levels of perception of pain, emotions, as there are different perceptions of good or bad. It depends if we consider that from a human perspective, maybe an alien perspective could be different... or from the perspective of God or the Guides... Maybe some races of aliens are closer to what we call evil, or maybe they simply don't have the same experience of pain or emotions (like fear) as us... Maybe other races are closer to the Light, to the heart, love and harmony... maybe aliens are creatures, different, more or less higher, but creature as we are :)

That makes sense, that not only is it about the energy were sending out and therefore attracting, but also of the issue of energetic differences that might cause initial fright/fear in such situations which also plays a large role in our experiences. Is that what you mean? :)

JesC said:
I'm only speaking from my own beliefs and experiences, but just like our lives here on Earth things in the Universe aren't so black and white/good vs evil. What might be a harmless contact experience to one person may be a trippy and terrifying experience for another. Specially if someone isn't ready, still very religious, or simply just misunderstood. I've personally been there and after talking with my guides and calming down things weren't what I thought they were in the long run. Or most of it anyways. As a Starseed I've been taught not to deal in absolutes. A lot like a Jedi lol. There has to be balance and to have balance there needs to be dark for there to be light and visa versa. I do believe there are dark entities that want to do harm for whatever reasons but that there is light to counter that.

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