You eye in the sky seer of the all

Judge of the blind, all knowing and all encompassing.

Sirius star of wisdom, bringer of balance guide of humanity

Tell me the answer I seek, let me know which way to go.

On my knees I am begging for your words.

Blue queen of secrets unveil yourself to me, show me the path.

Not the one my feet walk on, but the one my heart beats on.


Soul to soul I ask of you enlighten me with your presence

Come down and show me the way of the divine.

Let life, love and light shower me and truth be spoken by me.

Allow me to see that was is and will be and embrace me with your beauty.


Tear down the layers of dust from my soul and burn it to dust.

May only righteousness shine from my spirit as it beats with yours.

Years I have been walking on this earth, how many I don’t remember.

It has been too long my beautiful guide in the sky.

I feel lost and need your guidance show me the way of the blue star.


Open my eyes so they will be awakened and illuminate my soul with the might of the sky.

May it dance with my earthly body like two lovers under the pale blue moon.

A bond of heaven and earth it shall be called and beyond time and space it will be.

The blood of ancients runs in my veins; the howl of wolves cries in my soul.

As it was so it is and shall be again, the eye of the sky as the eye in mind.

Not the eyes that see my goddess of blue, the eye that knows.


I see you waltz down the stairway that has been hidden

Visible only to them that see and bow to your presence for only you know the way

Only you own the scales of truth and ruler of all that is magical, all that is natural.

Great mother of the divine, eye in the sky, blue star of the ancients, goddess of the skies.

I thank and bow to thee for all the blessings that you have shown and all the gifts given to me.

May your will be done throughout the ages; may your name never be forgotten.

For the truth of you is eternally veiled to eyes that harm and an eternal blessing to those who see.

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Oh, i'm flattered! lol. Loved it

Nice anki!


LOL  glad u feel flattered



I Love the Blue Star!

Aww I love this!

great poem you have there !!! amazing!!

i have been on sirus star system many times , and long long time ago.... i still love sirus star in the sky now.

Very beautiful:)

This is so beautiful, it made my heart sing.

I must reply: 

The vision of eternity 

is given to those who remember

the love

whose face is greater than all the chimeras of the infinite worlds

faceless but only in the way that Sirius is the face of all beings, everywhere:


Hidden in riddles: as open as a lotus blossom, a secret in plain sight.


Star seeds keep each other strong! I have been priviledged to share some very secret and important information in the pdf attached to this. Plz download and read this and share with everyone you know, it is so important to the next wave of Starseed transmission

This is beautiful thank you

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