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Oh, i'm flattered! lol. Loved it

Nice anki!


I Love the Blue Star!

Aww I love this!

great poem you have there !!! amazing!!

i have been on sirus star system many times , and long long time ago.... i still love sirus star in the sky now.

Very beautiful:)

This is so beautiful, it made my heart sing.

I must reply: 

The vision of eternity 

is given to those who remember

the love

whose face is greater than all the chimeras of the infinite worlds

faceless but only in the way that Sirius is the face of all beings, everywhere:


Hidden in riddles: as open as a lotus blossom, a secret in plain sight.


Star seeds keep each other strong! I have been priviledged to share some very secret and important information in the pdf attached to this. Plz download and read this and share with everyone you know, it is so important to the next wave of Starseed transmission

This is beautiful thank you

Love it!!!

For the truth to be untold, the blue Kachina is now shining bright, the hopi Indian is right!

Praise and bowing for someone else became abusive. Look what religions made humanity do they became inhumane. Stars are male essence giving energy, planets are female essence borrowing the body to thrive on a planet. Your body is your vehicle your sentient energy is the driver. Take care of your body well as with Gaia she your mother as well. Everything is sentient energy some older as others containing other frequencies but no better as anything else. We are all family, act like it. Help each other and become yourself not what others demanded from you. Follow your passion and unity is strength!

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