I found this on the internet. I have heard of this group before. Thought I would post it for discussion and get your opinions.

The Bilderberg Group, is an annual private conference of approximately 120 to 140 invited guests from North America and Europe, most of whom are people of influence. About one-third are from government and politics, and two-thirds from finance, industry, labour, education and communications

In July of 1952 the world was electrified by large newspaper headlines and photos of squadrons of UFOs flying repeatedly over the nation’s Capital in Washington, DC. Four months later WW II General Dwight Eisenhower was elected President.

The same month President Eisenhower took office (January, 1953), the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI) was ordered to determine if UFOs were interstellar vehicles. OSI convened the Robertson Panel of scientists, which recommended expansion of an Air Force study of UFOs, Project Blue Book.

A year later, in April, 1954, as documented by Gerald Light, President Eisenhower made a secret trip to Muroc Field (now Edwards Air Force Base), in the California desert, accompanied by generals, reporter Franklin Allen of the Hearst Newspapers Group, Los Angeles Catholic Bishop James McIntyre, and others.

The President had previously arranged to be in nearby Palm Springs, CA, purportedly for a golfing vacation. He "was spirited over to Muroc one night," while reporters were fed the cover story that the President had a toothache and needed to see a dentist.

While at Muroc Air Field, Eisenhower was present while an extraterrestrial disc landed. Several Star Visitors emerged to converse with the President and the generals. The extraterrestrials requested that Eisenhower make the public aware of extraterrestrial contact with Earth forthwith.

The President protested that humans were not ready, and needed time to be prepared for adjusting to this stupendous reality.

By the end of the following month, May, 1954, President Eisenhower’s CIA Director, Walter Bedell Smith, Prince Bernhard of Netherlands, David Rockefeller and other top world financiers, later-Secretary of State Dean Rusk, later-British Minister of Defense Denis Healey, and other Western power leaders convened the inaugural meeting of the Bilderberg Group, "a means of Western collective management of the world order".

One of the early items on the Bilderberg agenda was extraterrestrial contact. Shortly after establishing itself, the Bilderberg Group collaborated with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), another international policy body devoted to world management. They discussed the problem of adjusting humankind to extraterrestrial presence.

Bilderberg and CFR decided jointly in the mid-1950s to enter into an arrangement with the extraterrestrials: The ETs were given an island in French Polynesia as a base on Earth.

This arrangement afforded them an opportunity to monitor closely Earth cultures and behavior; and it permitted Earth governments a way to monitor extraterrestrial culture and behavior.
"It became an on-going experiment," as my former-NSA informant put it.
He added that when official public announcement of the extraterrestrial presence occurs,
"they will be the ones introduced to Earthlings; ’Oh, by the way, we want to welcome our neighbors from the Pleiades, who by the way have been here since [the beginning of Earth] time, but [are] actually living in our place, date, space and time.’"

"They are the diplomatic corps."
Jesse reported that the U.S. particularly held out for many concessions before agreeing to the arrangement.

He did not specify what those concessions were, but history subsequent to 1954 suggests that what the U.S. obtained was the lion’s share of extraterrestrial scientist consultants, to assist American scientists in understanding and adapting exotic ET technologies into such devices we now know as the:
• computer chip
• fibre optics
• lasers
• gene-splicing therapy
• cloning
• night-vision equipment
• super-tenacity fibers (such as Kevlar lightweight armor)
• aerospace ceramics
• Stealth technology
• particle-beam devices
• gravity-control flight
NSC’s Dr. Michael Wolf has previously revealed in his book The Catchers of Heaven that he worked with ET's as part of his governmental duties.
"I met with extraterrestrial individuals every day in my work, and shared living quarters with them," while doing research at extremely-classified underground government research laboratories.
He added,
"Zetas work in underground facilities, as requested by the U.S. Government. The ETs are not breaking the U.S. Government- Zeta treaties, but the Government has broken treaties by mistreating ETs, and trying to fire on UFOs."
Dr. Wolf also described working with very human-appearing races dubbed the Nordics and Semitics. He said,
"The Semitics and Nordics [ETs] come from Altair 4 and 5 and from the Pleiades [star systems]."
Wolf also disclosed that in 1954 the U.S. had four extraterrestrial corpses in the "Blue Room", Hanger 18 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio. These bodies came from a series of retrievals of downed UFOs.
"The first UFO came down in 1941 into the ocean west of San Diego, and was retrieved by the Navy."
Between that and the first publicly-announced Roswell UFO crash in 1947, Wolf says there was another crash in 1946, as well as two other crashes in 1947.

Interesting- Crazy made up story or.......?



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Most of the information is false in the account.  When you burn up something with fire, you are left with ashes ... when the fire of faith is finished judging mankind we are taken up by ashes.  This is a picture of rebirth, the drive behind grey aliens that usually resemble the fetus is not coincidental.  The materials themselves as well as the aliens are not exactly matter, may just be some construct of water vapor and air in itself, reacting to extra dimensional forces.  My account is true for the original Roswell, they had no evidence because the materials collapsed into themselves, we are simply provided more truth ending with the end of time.  We'll have to partially construct what really did happen.

March 17: Extermination begins in Belzec; by end of 1942 600,000 Jews murdered.


EXODUS 12:37 And the children of Israel journeyed from Rameses to Succoth, about six hundred thousand on foot [that were] men, beside children.

"HE THAT BRINGS OUT...by number," MEANS THAT THE NUMBER 600,000 REFERS TO THE NUMBER OF STARS that stand together and bring forth the hosts according to their types, which are innumerable. -Zohar Ch 5, verse 19 (zohar.com)

"...born February 19, 1926, in the State of Warsaw, Poland, and was brought from Poland as a Prisoner of War to Gut Alt Golssen approximately 30 miles east of Berlin, Germany, in May 1942, where he remained until a few weeks after the end of World War II. ... This vehicle ... consisting of dark gray stationary top and bottom sections. (viewzone.com/vril22.html)

Simply being put to death or causing death was not the real motivation behind the holocaust.  Unlike today to make a comparison, when we can simply do a nightly walk or two, and observe them get rid of themselves in short order.  The sin that was observed from the jewish community started the holocaust.  Then when about 600,000 Jewish People had been executed, the aliens visited with the leadership at that time.  Most likely they encouraged the promotion of the Jewish people as a political force and ruling class. Afterwards we see, the opposite being done, that is the prosecution of the jews simply continued.  The Jews were in sin so I can see the spiritual motivation for the executions, however the sin of murder itself and the sin of prosecution of the jew, was a means of authority in itself because satan has a tendency to use sin to impersonate spiritual authority.  ... ... Then we ended up with a lot of false information, and accounts which appeared to support jewish genocide, and extraterrestrials thrown into the mix, now we have what we see today, relics of the disinformation campaign with arguable facts included, and always questionable conclusions.

1942 Vril to 1947 Roswell

Much the same way, they managed to pluck a certain information from the aliens before they departed, and this only contributed to their disinformation campaigns we now see whats left of it today, again mostly questionable and satan driven.  We do have the Urantia account, so more information was plucked from the aliens before they finally disappeared or evaporated.  Now we must understand the motivation for the disinformation campaigns.  The USA had defeated ethnic/non-white sin essentially, I'm almost certain the aliens were encouraging the peace and put forth their own set of economic and social reforms as apart of the pattern ... with some intent to follow up with additional participation based activities for a portion of man.  What did happen unfortunately is between the years of 1947 to 1963, 16 years ending in the euthanasia of President JFK at that time.  The political authorities managed to do the opposite, and satisfy once again their question for spiritual authority which is or always becomes sin based.  They must of realized the 5 year connection from 1942 to 1947 so they made up their own disinformation campaign in 1952 and assumed this is when the aliens would return in short order to being the rest of the program.

What really happened is it would follow a few more years down the line, and instead of being given anything, they had to put JFK down because it was inhumane to let him live any further.  As he was the birth child of the political movement of contradiction, and also gross sin and suffering.  As the ethnic populations have never since had such a low crime rate in the usa or world wide as they did before 1947 and the events of Roswell. ... ... No different then the Tribe of Dan, from my experience death primarily and secondarily the prospect of open shame before the public seems to keep them under control ... when I am given the tools as I've stated, they will surrender a portion of their lives to me, as much as I decide, when I decide, or I'll take all of what is mine, the threat level is certainly there, but we must address it in due season.

There no real cosmological experience, at all in earth's history.  Even though there's no life outside in the universe other then the earth, it appears to have been intended but never followed through.  It would of served to better isolate the Tribe of Dan, for its departure in a more humane way other then now.  As I've stated you must understand the motivation, and not make the mistake of using today's generation as a basis, as it kills itself almost immediately with the presentation of the gospel. (the Mayan Calendar has 16 Periods when you add 370 days and two 153 day periods, maybe has something to do with the spacing between roswell and the JFK fiasco)

This post has been removed by a council member

Jimmy IDK why are u so fired up about, UR AN ALIEN! lol I know ":we are all loonies!" according to many. Love the article ABOVE and it does not surprises me. I heard that the Zetas and Reptilians are working on under ground bases but was not aware that the Nordic or Pleadians are also part of whatever program they are running. :) I think we should offer Jimmy as a volunteer for the sake of learning and mind expansion.


(The Month of "May" in particular because it is the "Fifth" month has been connected to ascension, when we correct a few of the ancient accounts of their holidays or observances we find this as factual ... ... the fact that there was an alien contact event in the month of May, relative to a predetermined amount of executions should draw our attention for a little more, and prompt us to scrutinize the material itself.  Most of the information we are spoon fed, appears to solely promote the various authorities derived from man.  The nature of said accounts are very dubious, but I also believe there is genuine, and arbitrary fact mixed into the accounts themselves. (There is no god and no gospel and every fact is eventually slanted to resemble this tone, the shame in the decisions that were made have echoed through history, an they were futile decisions, something I'm sure noone wants to acknowledge, but this doesn't change the reality of the truth, or satan's desperate need to have some degree of spiritual authority)

I think we should focus on the excellent and fascinating topic in stead of on the reply by Jimmy. There is nothing wrong with his comment. It is a comment, period. We all see what we think is reality a bit different, and some views on reality will not always resonate with our views. Which makes me land on the question that Ann is asking at the end of her writings. "Crazy made up story or....?" 

I think as with almost every story where there is a serious lack of information, there is a part that is true and a part that turns out to be sweet fantasy or just plain old misunderstood reality. And that is the fun and the exciting part of it all. I think we can state with great certainty that ETs have communicated and made deals with governments. There are millions of people who have had contact with Ets even more that have seen the same sighting simultaneously. So off course the government knows about ET and with all the resources at their disposable, so kindly provided by the hard working world citizens, they have off course had a better chance to have much better contact with ET than the rest of us. What exactly all the contact between governments and ETs was about is speculation until the day we find documented proof of their agreements or reliable people come forward and tell their story. Or when we hear it first hand from ET themselves.

Thank you Ann for making my head spin with exciting topics.

Hello Eri,

You always have a good way of summing things up. Learning by our mistakes is possibly the only way for the vast majority of people to learn and advance.

I believe for most people -even the ones that think there might be life on other planets- are not ready to accept ET's on ours. We have to advance as a whole, with the awakened ones leading the way and smoothing the paths to a healthier, better world. :)



Thank you Seb :) I try!  You put some very interesting topics up yourself.



I've found that people are overly sensitive to claims of foolishness or disinformation. If this site is so open to everyone's beliefs, then that should include beliefs of other people's beliefs. That being said, it should be done in a respectful manner. I wrote a discussion in the forum not to long ago which included general points I thought we could all agree on. The one person who disagreed with what I said persisted to comment and focus on mundane details, and I eventually caught him backpedaling on his own logic. When I called him a "fool" a councilor said that I couldn't name call and blocked commenting on my discussion. It was #1 at the time. And yet, there was no consideration being given to the fact that someone was trying to use rhetoric to pass a very dangerous idea that there are no adversaries. Only a fool would suggest that. Its common sense that there are people out there who don't want humanity to ascend. Who they are and how they operate is open for debate, but there's no doubt that they exist.


Thank you for your comment Seb. At least to me, It really brought a lot of light. I also believe we are entitled to our own ¨truths¨. 3 things are for certain, respect, knowledge and wisdom.

Dear Jimmy I do not having anything to argue. Im sure you understand and at least to me,  we all have different processes so in my own opinion it´s just that. A different process.

Hope this helps to enlighten your thoughts.


use rhetoric to pass a very dangerous idea that there are no adversaries

I dont agree its a dangerous idea, and I think you will find im not alone.  As Ive tried to explain so many times that focusing on the idea that we have opposing forces to fight against simply strengthens the opposing force, and reinforces the duality and polarity that we are working to diffuse.  

With sincerest respect I personally think you where actually quite rude in your responses and lost integrity by getting angry, and although I got caught out by writing a very long post and not being able to post it, i still fully supported the decision to block the thread when I read your responses.

To explain why I expound the idea that there are no real adversaries, except the ones in your head, please read my post here and feel free to calmly express your views. :) 

a good amount of that info coincides with what ive come across and it is amazing what is out there.. and that it has been said that we are allegedly upto 10,000years ahead in tech which id say is mostly technology that has come from Mars and other events as mentioned above.. as well as tesla tech etc.. 

previously i knew that we were 200 - 300years ahead.. 

seeing as theres ever so more alien themed media ie mainstream music.. showing et like scenario's it is looking like, by 2020 - 2030 we will see the major parts of this et agenda.. and the fact that ets are also from other dimensions  that are part of this earth... and travel in hyper space.. to avoid traveling through space when going to their home planets... for its obvious dangers.. 

2016 - 2018 will be the start of some more bigger events... as martial law is planned to roll out in 2015.. so mabe plan on leaving to a place of more opportunity.. anyone is welcomed here in Australia.. ;) :) 

Normaly I wouldn't reply to this posts as they are completely off topic. What does it matter that there seem to be people here that you think are deliberately trolling the forums with stuff most of the forum members don't agree on? Nothing.

What does matter is that there are people replying to these kinds of posts in an upset way simply because they don't agree. In my opinion that's exactly what forum trolls in general are after. To spark unrest.

What we see now is more replies that are off topic than on topic. Personally I find that disrespectful for the bright soul that started the thread. And therefore I think that a forum moderator could just as well close this thread if we really are all still on such a 'foolish' level, that we even can't stay on topic. And that includes me being 'foolish' right now as well.

Just let people you disagree with and whom seem to some of us to troll the forums do their stuff. Let them comment and write articles and do as they please. Actually we can learn from the different views they spread. Be fascinated about the fact that also here there are people you completely disagree with.

Here is an example of a reply you can use that I learned from my psychology professor: "I respect your opinion but I don't share it."

Or in my own words:"Thank you for coming with this fascinating view on this subject."

You can find your own words.

Or do what I maybe should have done now in stead of writing all this:



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