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Shanti Joy

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Ok I don't think you can pm on here but idk? So I assume I'm supposed to ask my question on the comments?
If u can pm me the awnser lol
Skylar blackwell 5 22 94
Is there travel in the future
Hi Joy! It's my second time around this thread and I've been working on what you told me last time. Now, a few months after that, I'd like to know if there's a message for me, whether it's from my star family, from Gaia or from my guides.
Thank you so much.
Hey Soledad

You get a card called the winters end reversed. Suggestion you are at a rebirth stage. You are at the stage where the old you have died ( but is not yet fully buried in he ground) and you are about to begin sprouting from the ground. The stage where you are going to is the flowering stage, where you are allowing the new to be born.

One more card Are comes and its healing reversed. What is suggested you focus on now is fully letting go of the past trough purification and keep on healing your heart. There is still some subconscious healing to be done. There is now hurry. Respect the stages of the healing. It takes time and patience to build something new. Suggesting that the core of yourself still needs to be fully found.

Spend time with the ocean and the tress. The spirits will show you what you need to do to heal fully and guide you to the blooming stage.

Shanti Joy

I'm sorry it took me quite a while to reply. Your readings are always so accurate and helpful. Thank you so much!!


Thank you for doing this.

I don't know my exact question so permit me to tell you my concerns. I am searching for a way to come out of this confused/foggy state because my family needs me to deliver in many areas. Yet I feel stagnant. I also worry about this affecting my kids. What do you see?

Please let me know if I need to be more simplistic with my question. Thank you again.

Hey LS

I hope is not too late answer

Card 1 stand in your own truth: From what I see the challenge lies in expressing yourself, in expressing yourself in alignment with what is your own truth. Throath chakra.

Card 2 the dream It I suggested that you record your dreams, make a dram journal here you will find the clues to what is really going on in your subconscious concerning this issue.

There is nothing to worry about. This is healing.

Card 3 positive outcome You don't need to worry about your kids as long as you show them love in the best way you can In this moment, the intention matters. Nobody is "perfect" everybody has something to heal.

Numerology Nr 8 karmic challenge, power, strength

Shanti Joy

Thank you so much.

I don't have a specific question, but rather want to know if anything comes up, unexpected to me. So what can you see?

Hey Tanner

You asked for something unexpected. This is what I got.

Your card is Loss

There will be something occurring in your life soon that doesn't turn out the way you had hoped. It is concertina something that you would have hoped would bring you fulfillment. It will be a disappointment. This is something you have long been dreaming about. No it is so that this dream is an old dream and you have outgrown it.

Shanti Joy
thank you joy

Hello Joy :)

What is my purpose in this lifetime?

Thanks for your service! Love and light x


In this lifetime you are a light worker that are working closely to the enlightened masters. Jesus, Buddha, shiva and so on. You are also working with archangel Michael. You are a warrior.
You are working with goddess energy, the divine feminine. Singing and dancing are involved in your life mission. You are to help people heal especially relationships. And endig karmic cycles by helping them to cut negative cords of attachment. You are also a medium.
You are going to meet and do work with your twin flame.

Shanti Joy



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