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Shanti Joy

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I have no idea how I'm JUST seeing this. I've been waiting on a reply and it's been here all along. Lol. Thank you so much.
You mentioned this g were how they were due to the moon. It's been a few months am I still facing the same issue?
Thanks again

Hi Joy,

Thank you for sharing your gift with us, I would like to ask if there will be any major changes in my life in 2017?

Love and Light to you!

Hey Juls

In 2017 what will happen for your is realignment with your power center and healing of you third chakra.

Realignment with your own power and will to create.

Productivity in service to there as by your higher purpose.

Getting fully aligned as a creator.

Reclaiming to act in the world with total self confidence.

You can do anything.

Shanti Joy

I am out in the forest for a rainbow gathering it will take some weeks before i answer. But i will in time.

Shanti Joy

Hi there! I would like to know if I will fully find myself this year and all the confusion and sadness will clear soon? (:

Hey Taylor

For you to fully find yourself in 2017 the advice is to work on your dream. The dreams is the same as life purpose and soul mission. When you engage yourself in learning and creating and manifesting your highest desire, that is where you will find yourself. When you start walking towards your dream is where you will find peace.

What is your dream?

Shanti Joy

Hi joy! Thank you so much for the reading, my dream is to be an inspiration for others to help others, to help them fit in and not feel alone and to also pursue mt talent of singing (:

Hello Joy!

How generous of you to offer this up! <3 I was wondering if I have met someone with the soul origin as I? My mother is also of extraterrestrial origins by the way so there is that, but she is from a different planet and civilization.


Yes in your dreams. In the astral world. Dream world.

You are connected to water and the moon. Are you a mermaid?

Shanti Joy
Ok I don't think you can pm on here but idk? So I assume I'm supposed to ask my question on the comments?
If u can pm me the awnser lol
Skylar blackwell 5 22 94
Is there travel in the future
Hi Joy! It's my second time around this thread and I've been working on what you told me last time. Now, a few months after that, I'd like to know if there's a message for me, whether it's from my star family, from Gaia or from my guides.
Thank you so much.
Hey Soledad

You get a card called the winters end reversed. Suggestion you are at a rebirth stage. You are at the stage where the old you have died ( but is not yet fully buried in he ground) and you are about to begin sprouting from the ground. The stage where you are going to is the flowering stage, where you are allowing the new to be born.

One more card Are comes and its healing reversed. What is suggested you focus on now is fully letting go of the past trough purification and keep on healing your heart. There is still some subconscious healing to be done. There is now hurry. Respect the stages of the healing. It takes time and patience to build something new. Suggesting that the core of yourself still needs to be fully found.

Spend time with the ocean and the tress. The spirits will show you what you need to do to heal fully and guide you to the blooming stage.

Shanti Joy



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