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Shanti Joy

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Hey stoki

The advice is to go out in nature and let Mother Earth help you heal. It seems the illusions are coming from buried sadness. This confusion is old memories resurfacing. A part of a healing process. You need emotional purification. See if you can find a way to work with water as part of this cleansing.

Shanti Joy
Can you help me understand what's going on w my family?
Hey star

There is a strong healing transformation, the emotions and heart, it so because of this moon cycle, The first one in 2017.

You will notice a need to release old pains to heal the heart so that one can truly follow once own path more clearly. In your family there is some projection where one wants to breake free form the negative roles that has been playing out with your karmic roles. The energy wants to create independence and release negative attachment where one not feels fully free as an individual but maybe limited now because of the different role plays in the family.

What do you need to du to find your own fulfillment? Despite of others?

Shanti Joy

Hi Joy,

Thank you for sharing your gift with us, I would like to ask if there will be any major changes in my life in 2017?

Love and Light to you!

Hey Juls

In 2017 what will happen for your is realignment with your power center and healing of you third chakra.

Realignment with your own power and will to create.

Productivity in service to there as by your higher purpose.

Getting fully aligned as a creator.

Reclaiming to act in the world with total self confidence.

You can do anything.

Shanti Joy

I am out in the forest for a rainbow gathering it will take some weeks before i answer. But i will in time.

Shanti Joy

Hi there! I would like to know if I will fully find myself this year and all the confusion and sadness will clear soon? (:

Hey Taylor

For you to fully find yourself in 2017 the advice is to work on your dream. The dreams is the same as life purpose and soul mission. When you engage yourself in learning and creating and manifesting your highest desire, that is where you will find yourself. When you start walking towards your dream is where you will find peace.

What is your dream?

Shanti Joy

Hi joy! Thank you so much for the reading, my dream is to be an inspiration for others to help others, to help them fit in and not feel alone and to also pursue mt talent of singing (:

Hello Joy!

How generous of you to offer this up! <3 I was wondering if I have met someone with the soul origin as I? My mother is also of extraterrestrial origins by the way so there is that, but she is from a different planet and civilization.


Yes in your dreams. In the astral world. Dream world.

You are connected to water and the moon. Are you a mermaid?

Shanti Joy
Ok I don't think you can pm on here but idk? So I assume I'm supposed to ask my question on the comments?
If u can pm me the awnser lol
Skylar blackwell 5 22 94
Is there travel in the future



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