I asked my guides to let me know what I should let go in order to progress in my life and spiritual path, they emphasized that I should drop expectations, I must stop living based on expectations.

My question is, how do I do that? I'm the kind of person that likes visualizing things, I usually day dream about many things, I would say most of the time that's a positive thing because visualizing is an important part of manifesting what we want, but sometimes I make many assumptions that are not true.

How do I find that balance?

They basically were reffering to assumptions about what the spiritual path could be for me, any insight on the subject guys?

Muchas thank-yous

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I have little knowledge on spirit guides, could you tell me what they are?

Whatever reason we have for being in this earth we are far from being alone in the journey, we have several beings from the nonphysical helping and supporting us, even if we are not aware they are always present and communicating with us in ways we don´t even imagine.

For what I understand they can be departed relatives like a grandmother for example, we also have animal spirit guides, Archangels, etc we may have one spirit guide that is dominant or more involved with us than the others, but we definitely work with several beings.

Basically they are any entity from the spiritual realm that is working with us.

In this case they told me that message through a reading that somebody did on me.


Well then...


They are fired? Sad is when we claim to be,, spark in da heart" while going to hurt others.

It was a joke.
I think a sense of humor is necessary in this world.
Lighten up. :)

I understand you, bringing a smile on person's face is a very good thing, but when you make a joke about things like spiritual guides is similar to making a joke about his beloved parents. It can hurt.
And...I apologise if I had been so rude with you. Higher Self said me after writing the previous comment: don't argue just to attract atention!

yes it does help, you made me realize I can still visualize an outcome, it is not about refraining from doing it, but understanding the limitations of this reality.

You see, I was already starting to think that I should not even allow to imagine an outcome.

Thank you

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