With heartbreak. Perhaps it's my own fault. I thought I knew what was happening only to discover I know nothing. People can just discard you so easily and you never really know why. I might feel differently tomorrow but right now I just feel sad. I don't really understand how a person can tell you they love you and then the next minute act like a stranger.

I really don't know what to say, because like most things that have occurred in my life, if I tried to explain it, it wouldn't make sense. I have simply had this tiny pep talk with myself, to get myself to accept that maybe I am meant to be alone, and perhaps it's better that way.

The truth is, that if a person truly was interested in you they'd show you by their actions, as opposed to leaving you wondering if you exist. I probably got my hopes up too high, saw happiness that belonged to someone else. I'll get over it eventually, as I always do. I just wish I could see it coming before it clubbed me over the head and left me wondering what just happened.

I think I'll just focus on me, you know, cuz that's where most of the problems start and end. I don't like feeling like I did something wrong and I have no idea what that something was, but maybe something really is wrong with me. Maybe I love too much, and the wrong people at the wrong time. Maybe I want to see so much good in others that I put my blinders on and don't see what's directly in front of me. I'm just tired of being in pain emotionally, and feeling like I am misunderstood. I don't even know if I'm overreacting or if something really is wrong. But I have to trust my gut. 9 out of 10 I'm usually right.

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u yust need to be strong and ewerything will work out fine be at peace with ur self meditate and u should now there is always some ho loves u even do u dont know it

Atylmo that’s the sweetest thing I ever read.
Kali, Atylmo’s right.

Thank you both Atylmo and D. Feeling better today, I was in a dark place, weird energy and hypersensitive. Getting a little better, thank you for understanding.

Sorry to hear that you were hurt so deeply. It sounds like you are handling it very well though. Its a rare thing to be able to look at the situation clearly and not just tell ourselves lies to make us feel better. We as people are flawed in a lot of ways and as a result we tend to treat each other very crappily sometimes. I'd be surprised if it was anything you did that caused things to go the way they did. I wouldn't assume that you are meant to be alone either. If thats not what you want, forget learn from your experience and keep your eyes and heart open and find your way to what you want. Good luck.

Hello nicole, i hope you are well..
The same thing happened to me..it was my best lesson yet..

I was dating someone for 2 years..for 2 years she loved me and told me that everyday..then next we break up..she didnt love me anymore..and i hated her for a long time..couldnt stand the site of her..

Anyway i realized back then before i knew about starseeds or any spiritual path that to love one person more than everyone else or to love one object more than others is a distortion..its an ego attachment , well i found that out a bit later..the terminology..

I came to the conclusion you must love everything without bounderies..
well thats my experience of it.. i have had relationships after that but i never really put anything into it knowing that it was basically a illusion..

Now im fine been single, if someone comes along so be it, if nobody comes along..so be it..

But life has got nothing to do with how much boyfriends you have or how many times you had sexual encounters..

I remember my first break up was the worst and also i remember thinking this "well this cant be real..if this is happening to me then its happening to everyone "..i thought to myself..wow so much suffering, why? why do people keep putting themselves through this ..some people get married like 6 times and divorced, this one has a new bf every 3 months, whats going on i thought?

So my conclusion was as stated above that to love one thing more than something else is a illusion..you must make an effort to love everything eqaully..ofcourse at the time i didnt know what to do or where to start..so i just started to see everyone as people instead of "this one is hot..this one is dumb" etc..

I still say it was one of the best lessons a broken heart..

agreed rende..sigh

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