Starseeds United - Are you awakened to your purpose yet?

Are there any Starseeds here that have awakened to their purpose for this mass ascension time that all of humanity can take part in? Old Earth to New Earth. At this time, I'm looking to know the skills you possess in the 3D system that are to be used in helping others ascend into the 5D. 

thank you,

Khepri Thoth

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Indigo says it pretty well... unable to fit in :-))

It is actually my purpose

Else I wouldn't be doing it, it has a higher purpose in the end. But as you may know, we each have multiple purposes on our soul mission. The not fitting in part is part of raising the vibration of the planet, like for many indigos.

Yet while my mission is to not fit in, my mission is also to learn , while each and every human almost on this planet is an ascended master, they have chosen to forget in order to come here and learn.

Earth is a school.

Chose to come and learn it all over again.

Hopefully this time, do it a little better, aid the world a litle bit more.

In previous lives we may have been caught up in self gratification, or sense desire drugs, or even addictions/anger, hate,wars for far too long.

But this life is different, if we are conscious of being here for a purpose, we can change the plan.

No longer a robot.

Our true purpose is to become free, not a drone of Their System... the system here to enslave us all, via tv, facebook, smartphones, educations and mind numbing drugs (pharmacy).

To remember who we truly are. Light. Light shapes body.

The whole Prestige, Talent, High IQ thing is a thing here to imprison us all. And thus we must be careful if we take on any label whatsoever. Also with the indigo label, or any label or education.

Our own ego can imprison us.

It's why education is one of their favorite methods to imprison the planet... It feels good for us to be 'clever' -- but the most possessed people are often those iwth High Education.... state politicians, maybe doctors/jurists etc.

They may see no truth at all.

Education brainwashed them. Now they only work for that system, a system where money is worth more than humans.

Where human lives are sacrificeable.

I'm not sure, but I think it's related to helping others...



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