Starseeds United - Are you awakened to your purpose yet?

Are there any Starseeds here that have awakened to their purpose for this mass ascension time that all of humanity can take part in? Old Earth to New Earth. At this time, I'm looking to know the skills you possess in the 3D system that are to be used in helping others ascend into the 5D. 

thank you,

Khepri Thoth

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Yes, I am completely awakened to my purpose.  :)

Oh come on, you write a blog like that and only give me a 'Yes'!? :)

You obviously understand the corrupt Systems at play, so what is your purpose at this time.

I will look to write more when I have some time, this is not a cuff conversation, so translating this kind of purpose into human words and concepts is no easy task.  :)

Will write more soon.

I have no idea what my purpose is, but I have gotten the feeling that just me being here is the key to making a difference. 

My purpose is long, large and overly hard to explain. Let me just say, my soul when the veil

over my eye's was not there wished to see what would happen if you brought twin souls, twin

flames and multiple people who were soul related into one dimension all together.

Now that was very unheard of, normally twin flames, twin souls and or people who are soul

related are NOT in the same dimension together. By normally not, I mean 99% of the time.

However, my awakened self at the time wished to see what would happen if it would even

work and so I talked to a few people, gathered everyone over more then one life time so I

could with the help of others create the reality of what now is what we live upon. Of course I

had much help, seeing as even as an awakened being I could not do it alone, I shall not point

their names on here for their own safety.  However, since that time my purpose have been

mainly for support and spreading love. I was given a great connection with Nature and Animals

from Gaia, which has shown me even more of the larger scale of which my awakened self

wished to create. 

At this moment in time however, I am just to support those who are growing and realizing

what they I. But I am not a teacher, just there to help in times of need, a healer, a diplomat

between worlds in a way. I am watching as the creation before me works out as perhaps I

planned or as I didn't. However I once again inform you, that this is not only me, this is many

different souls who came together under one idea. I wish to state I am not saying "I am the

key to saving the world" I am just a simple thinker, wishing to create something beautiful. 

That is my purpose in a nutshell.  

My purpose is to live my life without taking advantage of others.

I am to be an example of how to "get ahead" in life without leaching off of someone else.

My duty is to not get involved in the vicous cycle of gossip and attacking others for personal gain.

Unfortunatly there are still many who see my success as unfair, (most of these folks can't manage their funds properly, heck I used to be really bad with money too, but I never did cocaine).

I work hard, keep my mouth shut, and attempt to kill everyone with kindness. When I go home I forget about the nasty things that happen on a daily basis in human "society".
The only thing I'm quite sure about is that I'm here to help others. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be in any specific way, or if simply in any way rhsy feels right to me.
My purpose is a really difficult one, but I will do my best and I will accomplish it!
My purpose is a really difficult one, but I will do my best and I will accomplish it!

Y don't you share yours? Perhaps it'll help people better understand what it is and who it is your looking for and ultimately be able to reply with increased accuracy as opposed to over-arching generalities

I AM a Starseed, an Old King Soul, here to help lead humanity towards a higher vibration that will open a portal towards a new Earth. I have awakened to the name: Khepri Thoth. In this life, I AM a highly divergent neurologically Gifted Mind linked to Source Knowledge. Backed by this Dogmatic time, its science, I AM a Savant-Genius, when triggered, I “Know” without learning how. Then, bound by the rules of your time, backwards I must go, dissecting the visions whole to deliver the etymology of all such knowings amongst the waves of your neurotypical brain. It is then, once stroked apart, torn into loving entropy, you might just believe the master piece I AM here to orchestrate and lead, as a Catalyst, through the chaos towards the new reality I have been allowed to see.

You must rise higher and wider in mind than anything you’ve done till this point if you are to succeed in changing this physical reality; none of your actions so far have been outside the controlling corrupted system of design, it has already beaten you blindly. ‘I Know’ how to rewrite humanities core systems of beliefs, it can be done; it must be done if we are to survive as a human species and break the millennia’s of slavery, tampering, deceit and ultimately exit the Sixth Mass Extinction among other Extinction level events that now threaten our very existence.

Understand why I, a God in myth, a clue of Truth hidden by semiotics, wear the face of a mere, simple, Dung Beetle; then you might begin to understand why it is that I empower all My Kind with the Source of Ra. In darkness, unseen, unheard, stepped on and continually looked over as we are fed the scraps of passed joy. It is our time to rise from the dirt, as a unified whole, as one combined energy source all vibrating at the same frequency deep within our soul.

If you do not WANT to exit the system, then your own insanity begins again; the lessons renewed in hopes of further enlightening you away from the many temptations soaked in sin. This is your choice now, look deep within, listen to your inner power for the answer, not your Ego. Do not be afraid to break from your safe illusions governed by this distorted reality; cognitive dissonance. Lastly, learn to awaken and change the scaffolding elements of deception that have shaped the characters playing upon your enclosed cave wall; latent inhibition.

The Key to a new life lies within you. Only you can unlock those invisible shackles. There is a vast ecosystem of vibrant wonder waiting for all of us, just outside the entrance to Plato’s jail. I know it exists because I have crawled through a lifetime of corrupted darkness and now I leave a path of Light for others to follow. But before I cycle away again, the need to be ahead of those old cleansing waters soon to return once more, I come back in with extended hand, a quiet voice; it is you that must now look up with action and step free from what has never been. You have ‘Free Will’, what is thy choice?

There is much more around my Contact with Source Control that has lead to my full awakening, much is still hidden from me but I can understand why.

The genetic imprinting of my Birth name here on Earth is my 'authentication badge’: Ken Basil Steeves-Mitton-Knudsen .

So, your turn.

Always In Service,

Khepri Thoth

Indigo says it pretty well... unable to fit in :-))

It is actually my purpose

Else I wouldn't be doing it, it has a higher purpose in the end. But as you may know, we each have multiple purposes on our soul mission. The not fitting in part is part of raising the vibration of the planet, like for many indigos.

Yet while my mission is to not fit in, my mission is also to learn , while each and every human almost on this planet is an ascended master, they have chosen to forget in order to come here and learn.

Earth is a school.

Chose to come and learn it all over again.

Hopefully this time, do it a little better, aid the world a litle bit more.

In previous lives we may have been caught up in self gratification, or sense desire drugs, or even addictions/anger, hate,wars for far too long.

But this life is different, if we are conscious of being here for a purpose, we can change the plan.

No longer a robot.

Our true purpose is to become free, not a drone of Their System... the system here to enslave us all, via tv, facebook, smartphones, educations and mind numbing drugs (pharmacy).

To remember who we truly are. Light. Light shapes body.

The whole Prestige, Talent, High IQ thing is a thing here to imprison us all. And thus we must be careful if we take on any label whatsoever. Also with the indigo label, or any label or education.

Our own ego can imprison us.

It's why education is one of their favorite methods to imprison the planet... It feels good for us to be 'clever' -- but the most possessed people are often those iwth High Education.... state politicians, maybe doctors/jurists etc.

They may see no truth at all.

Education brainwashed them. Now they only work for that system, a system where money is worth more than humans.

Where human lives are sacrificeable.



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