Hi everyone... it's been a couple of years I'm not feeling like myself, but lately depression's symptoms are hard to mask. Don't really feel motivated about anything, feel like sleeping all the time, loss of appetite at times - full of appetite at other times, can't concentrate on anything... and I wonder if more of you are feeling the same way and have found any explanation for these experiences. In my case, I feel i'm disconnected from my mission. It seems I've lost track of it.


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Hi Again... I found this article that states these symptoms are real among starseeds... still no idea how to get out of it..


Yes at times it happens before it was worst. I listen to celtic music
Yes I have been undergoing depression for some years now, since the great shift. It seems quite common among starseeds and lightworkers.
What helps is Meditation, pranayama and going out in nature.All the best
The answer is: Lack of living!
Just live like you want to. Don't be afraid!
It will be better than now anyways...
and don't give up. There's allways a right time!

"Look all around thee, on man
See your own Light reflected
Even in the darkness around thee"
Order and Balance are the Law of the Cosmos
Quel all the chaos of the emotions
And thou shall have Order in Life"

A small fragment from Emerald Tablets of Thoth.

Depression is just repression of energies/ emotions etc. Stagnant and blocked energy within your body, the best way to clear it out is exercise. Keep your body active and the energy will flow again. Also make sure you're getting plenty of sun as well as water, you'd be amazed just how good you'll feel after drinking a tall glass of water, especially if you've blessed it. As for me I practice yoga and weight lifting and have seen so much improvement both physically and mentally. Best of luck to you!

thank you! you're right, I'm not exercising enough... I will make it a habit... thanks for the heads up ;)

I never call it depression, because I feel the word 'depression' by science is a downtalking term, making us a victim of our brain. Instead of encouraging empowerment.

I like the term dark night of the soul better.

A time of solitude, reflection, bliss if we chose too (solitude is bliss).

I like connecting with the moon, goig out in night to meditate in the nature

It is normal if you're an old soul to:
have little friends
be loneli (I never use the word lonely either) , because it can victimize. I call it valueing real friendships and being introvert. We cannot always meet friends first moment we move a new place. Sometimes it takes years to make new friends in a new place.
not fit in
have strange disabilities in mind or body for some (which create a wounded warrior type personality). Missing limbs, adhd/add, dyslexia, no friends, unable to cook food, kicked out of school/work, addictions, deformities in body, different body appearance than the norm (some look androgynous)

Though, all humans have a period of suffering, where they feel they don't fit in.
I never use not fitting in , to argue I must be old soul

But if you don't fit in, and you like it, and if you are without friends, yet not loneli .. you might be old soul

They are not always lonely, even though isolated.
Like a hermit, they may go out into the dark forest, and stay over night, with a candle and long beard

I think depression is from forgetting to reconnect with nature and forgetting our true life values

Love and light,

I feel depressed all the time, I hide my self image in public, always play the "Im okay on the outside but reality I'm not" ordeal. However, the problem too is that I don't if I'm a star seed or not.

Been depressed my whole life but these past few weeks and a lot this week has been really difficult for me. I don't want to be here, I hate it here. I always knew (had a feeling) that I was different than most.

Since the Visitors (Non-Corporeal Beings) came to me in late 2015 my Crown Chakra has been active ever since almost everyday. I can even activate it with thought if I want to but its mostly always active, feels like there is a cool breeze on top of my head. Not sure what it's doing.

Better than to join the social masturbation club on Facebook , eh ?:))
All is outside there... lol

Selfies, watch me

Status updates.... oh yeah... I do at least 3 a day,,, and watch for responses

It gives me the instant gratification I require

Facebook, the place of narcisstists?

People carefully construct a false picture of themselves,

It is not their real self

Then you meet them in real life, they look much different, double the weight, not as successful at all - addictions, not as happy, depressed. But on facebook they smile.

Must be more fun to be '4 real'

it helps to have people to speak to about it. alot can reside inside and just eat away at you. being honest about how you feel and maybe finding the root of the main issue.

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