Starseeds and wanting to return to there orgional species/civilzation in the multiverse.

Has any one else felt like leaving this world and go back to where we came before being human earth dosent look good with all the chaos war crime ect and i have been feeling a strong pull to leave i sense home is far away somewhere in the vast existence of life.

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Many of us, at least most who awake to their starseed'ness, are these who lived among more evolved civilisations or in an higher dimension (the contrasts are use to be huge, therefore we become nostalgic and miss our previous lives when comparing them with our actual lives)... and the others who already been reincarnated in similar or even worse civilisations just tends to forget it all and enjoy their actual life even more than "average" humans would (like to be take out of the ghetto and brought into a more comfy suburb area, not Beverly Hills for sure, but already much better than where we been before). Starseeds who been reincarnated more than once also tends to focus only on the lives they prefered (for X or Y reasons), sometime even forgetting the other "less relevant" (or just "less impressive") past lives or just awakening fragments of these less pleasant incarnations.

The real questions are, what we'll we remember of our actual human lives? Did we evolved enough as individuals, did we fulfill what we was ment for?... or will it be one of these lives that should be put into the "lesser past lives" category that will be forgot by our future reincarnations?

i remember another place and time of sorts. i think i was free perhaps incarnate, but it was kind of physical... and not. i miss it, whatever and wherever i was. it was/is timeless and safe and felt good. i am journeying i know, however this stop is sick. but maybe that's why i gotta be here? sux. try hard, do your best and it still sux. when i leave, and i will do my time here, sux. i am not "just going to the light..." f that shat. i do not want to come back. my fear is that i might choose to come again. perhaps my higher self is warning me? yeah, i'm tired as hell.

asar, that is a good word and thank you. i forget i am among others. i came here today to existentially vent. i need to show up more often. cheers...

I have felt it too...the pull to go back. But, then again I know that I can't till my job here is done....that's my soul's choice I guess.

along the way there are good days. i'm having one today. in an ashram state of mind. intentionality helps.

I Hope this video will help you to explain a little more.
Know that you are very important and here now for a reason.
You have the power within to integrate,disintegrate,activate, emerge,transcend the different shadow and all your aspects with love within.
No need for a physical death to be able to go home within.
There are different stages to go trough and you/we came here to help and support the bigger picture.
Stay strong and know that you are loved immensely.
You/we are (a)powerful luminous and infinite being(s) of incorruptible light in our original state.
I invite you to embrace your true heritage now.
Your voice count...YOU count!

If you feel you need more support on your journey...I am here and many are here to support.
I love you.

Enlightenment is a further journey...
Have an amazing evening.

In trust that my work in the video supports you on your journey.
Take care.

Feel free to watch and listen to it when you feel like doing so.
Please when you do,drink enough pure water after listening.
Also eating living foods is key.




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