I found this in the Lightworkers.org website and it really fit all the symptoms that I am feeling right now. Let me know about your thoughts on this Light Siblings!


From ZohAura (Starseed Community)

The List of Changes Leading Up to 2012

·Sudden awakenings, beings that have not been on the path will awaken to their star lineage.

· Changes in your spiritual work, you will refine your skills and new ones of your core essence will surface and take precedent. Many healers of the blue ray will retire and be drawn to a new way. · Change of jobs, careers and long-term relationships will end or shift dramatically, and new ones will begin.

· Feeling sick and exhausted especially during influx of energies around solar and lunar eclipses and cosmic alignments as your body will go through frequency refinement.

· You will not feel comfortable in the old energies, bodies and situations; you will no longer be able to tolerate lower vibrating energies. The universe in many instances will take care of this for you. If you force your will, your body and health will suffer.

· Your body and being now run on a higher frequency resonance so what you did in the past may no longer work now. You will find new ways to support your highly tuned sacred vehicle which will continue to shift and change.

· Dietary changes to assist the increase of light for your body and being.

· New ways and guides to assist in connecting with your spirit; these are part of your soul's lineage that will empower and expand you.

· Feeling cut off from God and your guides. The way in which you received divine guidance and inner knowing has shifted. You are actually at a master level. Know you are in a readjustment period where your connection will become even stronger.

· Faster manifestations with periods of breaks that seem to keep you in a holding pattern then mysteriously the energy shifts.

· Strange body shifts and occurrences as you receive new insight and higher vision; this may occur with head pressure. Feeling your head is in an energetic vise and then suddenly its release will alert you that your implants of the veil are being removed.

· Waking up tired. Your higher self and guides are working on you being extra kind to yourself that day.

· Times of being super sensitive to energies and vibrations.

· Sleepless nights. Power surges of cosmic frequencies to earth that interface with earth energies causing restlessness. You as divine anchors of the cosmic light source are balancing and realigning your energy fields.

· Sound frequency resonances will become a powerful method for healing transformation, communication and entrance into the sacred realms.

· Heart expansion and awakening.

· Feeling more emotional with emotional releases.

· Meeting others of your same lineage. You will come out of your long hibernation of being alone and slowly come back into the world as you will have a group anchoring of sacred energy to feel more alive and safe.

· The animals and living beings collectively and individually will act as a barometer of what is really taking place in your world. Watch for their signs. Start communicating with them, as this ability is innate within you.

· You will be drawn to and work with crystals and the crystal beings. The crystals have encoded information to share with you and will assist you in balancing your frequency and being more grounded.

· Great return to the Goddess and interest in the Sacred Divine Feminine.

· Opportunities will magically present themselves that were not available to you before.

· You will begin to feel happier as you experience more of your true essence. It will feel like a long lost friend has come home. The Blue Ray and ultra-sensitive had to shut parts of themselves down so as to not be overwhelmed with energies. This happy shift will bring more openness and receptivity.




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This is such a great list... and a new one! (to me)


I wish that I had known about the "suddenly being cut off from your God or Guides"  about 18 months ago, when SUDDENLY ONE DAY the frequency cut off. I didn't believe it for 3-4 months, then I grieved and withered and wondered for many months more.  Only in the last 5 months or so did I start relying totally on what WAS now available to me, kind of a Universe "inside" instead of a frequency-line to the outside.


But even as I say "I wish I had known," I find myself suspecting that the grieving process was part of my path, and that I'm glad for all that grief.  It was one of the deepest I have ever known, though.


Thanks for this list, Sen!  I'm going to study it more, later.



I find most of the symptoms are appilicable especially shutting the certain parts of the chakras completely like 1st, 2nd, 3rd chakras. Now is time to open them all the Blue Ray is true.
nice list :-)

great list! I've been experiencing many of these things in the past 6 months... did you compile these yourself or it comes from other sources?


lots of love...


Very helpful!

We who were programmed to become White Robes, suffered the most as 2007-08 arrived. I had cardiac pains from 2006-08, and yet nothing was wrong with my heart! And more symptoms...

As we were ascendes spiritually, each one of us White Robes or Rishis have to absorb part of the negative karmas of seekers we handle, clients we help to heal, students mentored, and so on.

The pains of each one of us rishis lingered for long, and yet we stayed with you all...till last year when the Almighty decided to ascend hundreds of us every year.

pain in each one of us reached down the cellular level, pain everywhere in our body, it was better for a person to be crucified and feel pain for just couples of hours than to feel pain months by months.... till recently the pains abated.

It's hard to explain this to starseeds. For even starseeds we Rishis absorbed part of their karmic debts if to allow us to stay a bit more, as we have some new credits of karma....

How much staying power will you starseeds have then, as your pains are miniscule compared to those who were sent to be your Lamp Posts? Manage them well, and don't exaggerate on them. You bear your own crosses, it isnt time yet for you to carry the cross (absorb the karmas) of others less fortunate in the Path.

Thank you for enlightening myself of what's in going on in me, especially inside my physical body. I feel the pain, especially on my chest area. I manage them by invoking the assistance of my Galactic Family.
Awareness alters perception.
it made sense to me when i came across this blog post somewhere too. thank you light siblings for sharing your experiences. everyday i learn something new about myself and making sense of what is going on around me. peace, light and love
sorry for getting back to you just now light sibling. i came across it when i was in question of what i was going through myself. i hope it helps you out as much as it helped me on my path. peace love light and blessings )O(

Bia said:

great list! I've been experiencing many of these things in the past 6 months... did you compile these yourself or it comes from other sources?


lots of love...


My eyes hurt near the end theres so much reading :)



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