Those who believe that we need to save civilization; that we need to demolish the bar, the organization I have founded is for you. *STARFLEET* is an international effort advancing Roddenberry's vision of the future in the here and now.

Please see https://mil.wwidew.net for more information.

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Cool! I don't believe we need to "save" Civilization...no. I believe we finally need to truly become civilized. ;-)

And that means keeping some wildness and wilderness in our hearts and environs.

I met Mr. Roddenberry once and got to talk with him for a couple of hours. He was truly a good man and an inspired visionary.

I'll keep the site for further reference. My niece is a big Star Trek cosplay person, so I'll pass the link on to her, too!

(BTW, a spell checker wouldn't hurt...especially for your home page) ;-)

Thanks Turquoise Water: its not cosplay though, we're a very serious organization. Sorry about the spelling I wrote it in a text editor. Anyhow we're being backed behind the scenes by some very influential retired and active duty USAF.

Also very cool you got to meet Roddenberry.

No, I realize it is not cosplay. But my niece does Cosplay and may be interested in going beyond that into some Star Trek-based activism. She's working on her degree in Computer Engineering.

Yes, Mr. Roddenberry was on our College campus for a presentation. He sat down with a couple of students (me and my friend) and just talked with us for a long time...he was a lovely person.

Nuts bolts screws gears more beers for engineers! Would love to hear from her, the email listed on the site is probably best. Also my phone number 414.788.2820 is public knowledge. Glad to hear she chose the Engineering route, CS degrees are utterly worthless these days.

Tell her if there's an Engineering Student Council at her school she should get involved, and if there isn't one she should start one. And if her school isn't involved in National Association of Engineering Student Councils they should be (naesc.org).

Thanks, Jason! I will pass the info on to her!

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