They say that gazing at sacred geometry increases spiritual awareness and consciousness.


Do any of you feel a particular association with a certain symbol?  I feel a deep connection with a symbol that is a triangle within a circle.  I also feel a connection with the spiral.  I have heard that many starseeds and walk ins have a symbol connected to their identity, and I'm interested in exploring that. 


Maybe this discussion can lead to some connections with those of our home world, and generally help us connect.



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Wow that is interesting, I love Medatrons cube and seeing this makes sense to me I will have to do some more research on this Sirin Seal.  thanks for posting it

Here is a couple that have been helpful to me

Light and Blessings

Just recently I became aware of a very strong connection with a particular symbol (word or letter perhaps). It almost looks as though it is a Thaibetan symbol but I have no clue what any Thai is...Still, this symbol stands out deeply to me now. If anyone has any guess or knowledge, it would be much appreciated and very helpful. c:


(P.S. - Excuse the lame drawing. If I could recreate the way the symbol appeared to me. But unfortunately that moment has come and gone)



That's so beautiful.. I don't have any tatts yet but I've started a list. *That* is definitely going on there! 

Ain Light said:

The Triquetra,a very deep resonance with that,i had it tattooed on my upper left arm,i feel it is protection,and the X..been seeing it everywhere,every day,for months..and i feel a deep attachment to it by now.

wow, I am also very connected with the first symbol. I also have it embedded in my skin were the third eye is. Much Love & Light

לאדיYshatar Xzatara said:

Hm for me it is actually two they are below:

triangles and spirals!! yes yes yes!! I intuitavely got a spiral tattooed on my right wrist and then later became attuned to reiki and learned the choku rei symbol, and it is very powerful when using in healing sessions. I also have an inner knowing that the triangle is very sacred to me. one symbol I came across on the white flame warrior website which is similar to the star of david, but has two additional triangles on the sides. It is said to be a sign of protection. It resonates deeply. 

The spiral resembles my symbol almost exactly, except the center of my symbol is simply an empty circle. What do you think?

(At least I think my symbol is the spiral because one day I just started drawing it on worksheets, tests, and in the margins of my notes during school.)
Giuwah said:

Some say this is a version of the swastika, but can't you also see it being the bottom of a UFO?



This guy also has an affiliation with the swastika who I follow:


Mine is the Triskelle. I'm not sure why, but I began drawing this symbol on my own then found it online. I have a friend who the same thing happened to him. He would draw the triskelle before he knew what it was then he also found it online. Although it has many relations to relgious views. For me and oddly for him also, it means unity. It was even more weird that not only did we come across the image the same way, but we have the same meaning to it also.

this symbol is in my dreams off and on. It's always floating in space around Earth

I feel connected with this triangle I was show from Orion... The bottom two circles are supposed to have a portal symbol around them, but I couldn't make one in paint. (It's also my profile picture! Gabriel said, "This is the connection between [you] and [us]."

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