PLEASE READ THIS PARAGRAPH BEFORE JOINING THIS CHAT!--- please know that these chat groups, though ran by myself, is just a personal, privately made feature that technically isn't affiliated with ISN. Even though the atmosphere in the room is often pleasant and we follow ISN guidelines on here for the most part, I have to advise to join at your own digression.


    Hello!  This is your opportunity for spiritual individuals to come together and communicate! I have taken this opportunity to create a chat room in Skype and Discord for spiritually cahtty individuals. All you need is to be a member of ISN. For skype, you could leave a comment on this page or my profile before clicking THIS LINK so that we know that it's you, and then you will be able to come in and begin the connection and communication! For discord, CLICK HERE

   Guests are allowed in text chat temporarily if they're not causing a problems. All of those who join the chat and refuse to show proof of ISN lineage at some point will be removed without question. Same goes if you harass, bully, or otherwise intentionally, repeatedly offend people. MOST ISN rules apply. Play nice!

^ . ^

....oh, and one more thing, we also hold group call sessions every once in a while too. It's great! I'm not always available to talk to, but if anyone wishes to chat talk for any reason... bored but open minded, hyper, depressed, terrified or whatever... I'm willing to listen with an open heart and mind, and other participants love to help in this regard too! You can start a voice chat session inskype and wait for people to join by typing /golive in the chatbox. We like to create an atmosphere that people will want to return to, and understanding each other in a meaningful way has more advantages than simply being within physical proximity of one another. Sharing is caring!


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hmm, another one, eh?

No, the thread got taken down when I was banned. Just reposting.

^ . ^



^ . ^

add me my reptile friend


I messaged you a while back on skype, but never gotten a response. Immanuel said you haven't been on in a while I guess. Anyway, I sent a request, and you can join the group by clicking the link in the above OP or right below.


Yes I didn't appeared for a time, that was when I had things to do. Have to have some private moments sometimes. 

Yes of course, sometimes we need a break from the whole social media thing. At least ISN and chat groups such as these offer collaborative options for more open minded people.

^ . ^

yeah, but despite skype being buggy and stuff, I think it's the best choice because it is so widely used.

i am always there those who need me now know where to find me <3

lol Mesha!

I'm joining as we speak, under the username ClockworkRoyale ( DriKun ). c: Just a head's up. Thanks for making this group! 



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