Hello everybody! The purpose of this thread is to discuss the widespread hatred towards reptilian beings that is/has been consuming a large part of the growing, mainstream spiritual community. I would also like to discuss it’s theorized purpose, and how it effects/will affect the spiritual growth of humanity.


   I believe there are two categories of people that allow this kind of hatred to invade their mindset, and I would like to discuss both.

   The first category are those who have been thoroughly manipulated by the spiritual propaganda that is currently being pushed by so many individuals. Their lack of experience combined with their desire for answers makes them easy targets for those hoping to spread their ideals of hatred. The fact that we’re exposed to depictions of reptiles being evil, dark, negative, nasty, ect., from children stories all the way to up to religion, makes humans more prone to be influenced by this kind of prejudice and fear. Certain things rest within the subconscious, and as we grow in this world, what we are exposed to influences how we experience this reality. The people in this category have no experiential proof to back up their hatred and discrimination, and hold fear-based articles and YouTube videos to enforce their claims instead of actual first-hand familiarity. This category makes up the majority of those who harbor and push this kind of prejudice. This may seem unfortunate, but it would be worse if there were more people that would fall into the second category below.

   The second category of people is a group of souls that have an experiential justification that fuels their hatred towards reptilian beings. Whether it be a past life(s) or a negative spiritual experience(s), they hold on to what they feel is a logical reason… a justification for feeling the way they feel, and to spread the ideals of hatred they spread. The deeper the personal pain is, whether it be pain that occurred directly to the self or empathetic pain for others that had endured a terrible hardship, the harder it is for them to let go of this hatred. The fact of the matter is, this hatred is an expression that signifies unresolved pain, and these souls express a desperate need to understand what happened to them or to others. It is this category of individuals that is the root source of this propaganda, or the anti-reptile(and other races too) movement. It pushes them to enforce their ideals of justice with action instead of just some ill inner feelings. The propaganda that has been created is simply the product of one of these actions. Hatred and pain evolves into ill intentions for some, only, the perpetrator fully believes that what he/she is doing is the right thing to do. It’s simply too hard to look at the part of themselves that hurts SO much, and so instead of fixing their mindset, they feel their mindset is correct, and feel that it is their intentions and actions that will fix the world around them. These people simply need to realize that what they’re doing goes against their very own ideals of peace that they desperately hold onto.

    So all in all, the TRUE hatred towards reptilian beings, and other ET races are TRULY felt by those enduring a grueling pain in their soul, and those who believe it with nothing other than “here-say,” are being manipulated by the ones harboring this TRUE hatred, and feeling TRUE pain.

   Humanity is a collection of spiritual children, mostly, that is greatly influenced by what they come into contact with, which means even the slightest bit of information and/or experiences can greatly influence what a human being considers real and not real, true and not true, ect.... even if they don't know it. That is what makes this propaganda successful at what it is reaching for. They try their hardest to rally up members to spread the hatred like wildfire, because the more people that believe it, even a little, the more they increase their chances of it effecting the individual, spiritual mindsets of those who take it in. I also believe that many of the fear-based conspiracy theories capture people who want to escape facing the truth of our collective actions on this planet and ourselves, as human beings. It's easy to point the finger and blame, but not easy for people to accept, face up to what we've done, and move on. These conspiracy theories encourage the idea of running away from our past mistakes.

    As for the purpose behind spiritually manipulating humans in this way, I have a few guesses, but not many people can know for sure. I know that all of this decreases the rate at which humanity grows, spiritually, but why do this? Maybe it’s about raising humanity to become a war species, or maybe it’s simply to make humanity easier to control. I would like to discuss this with you guys further.

   If there was awareness in the future of ET races and the spiritual aspect of things, whether it be soon or a thousand years from now, it is likely that individuals like myself will be ostracized because of their spiritual ties to what our culture would consider "evil" or "dark" beings. All this is hypothetical of course.

   As an added note, there are countless reptilian species that exist on countless planets throughout the Universe that each have their own distinct characteristics. To label all reptilian beings evil is simply too ignorant.

   To clarify, I am not ignoring or discrediting anyone who has had negative contact experiences with reptilian beings. I am discrediting the arbitrary labeling and discrimination of an entire collection of races, that seems to have invaded the minds of many within the spiritual community. One can argue that there are not many “positive reptilian experiencers” to support my opinions, but I would disagree. Money controls what gets publicized, and with all of the people claiming reptilian beings to be evil, despicable beings... don’t you think people would be reluctant to share their positive reptilian experiences with the public? I certainly was… for a long time. The fear and paranoia I witnessed coming from many, MANY people made me fear that some extremists would find out where I live and burn my house down in the name of justice if I decided to be outspoken about it all…. and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. Obviously, I overcame this laughable fear. It was just that the hateful words and accusations towards reptilian beings on the internet would make a list too long to for me to write, and yes, it was scary for me. The day I decided to look up “reptilians" and "spirituality” years back was a devastating blow to me. I was directed from google to the david icke forums, and that place is simply the deepest cesspool of hatred towards reptiliansthat has ever existed. That day, my heart was pounding, I was sweating profusely, and I felt like I couldn’t breathe… I damn near had a panic attack. The beings that I’ve loved since I was a child were being constantly disrespected with accusations of all colors. The reality of it all was hitting me at that moment. I’m hoping that by being outspoken about my experiences and spiritual beliefs, I can set an example for those that feel they need to keep their feelings and experiences a secret.

    Another clarification. I am not claiming all reptilian beings to have positive intentions either. That statement, too, would be a form of discrimination. Any statement or ideal suggesting something that separates reptilian beings from the rest of the universe of beings is prejudiced, whether it be of a positive nature or a negative one. Reptilian beings are souls of this universe, like any other. Please treat them as such within your own mind.

   I also understand that reptilian beings aren’t the only ones beings targeted by the common propaganda. This article is for allthose who are being oppressed by the disinfo and propaganda. We are in this together.

   To those that fall into the second category, that happen to be reading this, please listen to me. Please open your heart to understanding. All I, and so many others, want is to help heal whatever wounds you may have. Share with us your pain, your anguish. Show us what you or your loved ones have went through, we will get through this together. We will be with you, we will heal with you… we will cry WITH you. Please read my story in this link below. I know first hand how it feels to hold onto a justification. I hated humanity along with myself, and I held on to what happened to others and to me to justify a personal crusade. Please try to understand that the hatred you feel doesn't serve what you truly desire.



    All in all, I simply ask everyone to use your own rational judgment, and to not be spiritually manipulated by another person’s hatred. Don’t let your unruly emotions and suggestions control the way think and feel about an entire class of species. Search for understanding. If you feel that some information you came into contact with may be correct, then put it in the back of your head until you experience something that confirms that information. Only then can you say, “I fully believe this.” Watching a YouTube video doesn’t mean you KNOW. Experiencing is knowing. Please, don’t simply believe something fully with no experiential backup. Suspecting is not believing, believing is not knowing.

    As a reptilian starseed, I love my soul family so very much. I am proud of who and what I am, and I always will be. All I want is mutual understanding. You don’t have to love with all your heart, just don’t hate… just don’t assume. I warship Nature, which means EVERY SINGLE BEING in this universe deserves my love. There is no exception.

   Thank you all for reading, and I hope to have some productive discussions about this soon. I'm eager to read any and all views regarding this. Lets not argue and discredit each other, but lets bring each other closer to an understanding as we converse about it all.



                                                                                                             With infinite love for all,


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Hey pos...I got a couple of pix for you the other day...guess here is a good place to post them.  There is a Tibetan relic tour going around the world.  These relics are pearl like crystals found in the ashes when a living Buddha has been cremated...seeing them or being near them is a very high frequency experience. People also bring their pets to get blessings.. This first pic is the display of the relics...here is the link to a gallery of pix..


here is a pic of a lizzie being shown the sacred texts..

this is a blessing, by placing a relic on the head....they do this with the children and peeps, too..

   This is awesome! Thank you for this Living Light. I find it interesting that I was posting a comment on your profile at the same time you posted this comment here. Haha! That's gotta mean something right? 

   Anyways, thanks again!

^ . ^

we got the sync....


^ . ^

Oh man, I've been to one of these showings twice now. It was a beautiful experience each time. There's so much energy in the little pearls of wisdom left by those age old teachers (literally and figuratively lol).

The blessing at the end is also quite transformative.

I had a ringing in my ears for days as I made a conscious effort to assimilate the higher frequencies.

Did you get some of the saffron infused holy water too? :D

Thank you for posting this as the spiritual grandchild of a Draconian Queen and King I want to say that experiences with them have been positive. They do not abduct so there's one really dark thing out of the way. I miss them very much and try to channel them when I can.  

  No problem Amy, thanks for reading!


This is indeed a great truth.

Whichever way one sways on the pendulum of prejudice, one is not seeing clearly until all sides are equal and valid.

It's easy to make enemies of that which is foreign, or seeming unrelatable.

To witness all as a part of self is what eventually turns the tables.

Love is natural, hate is a construct, a defunct method of protection that correlates to our false projections of rights and wrongs... goods and evils. 

We are all perfect, for we ARE ALL.

I feel you my reptilian brother. 

Keep fighting the good paradoxical fight of non-duality and truth seeking!

Thank you for reading, and for the positive feedback. I think  you would have loved the comments that were on this thread before it was taken down and I reposted. So many people sharing and understanding what this is all about, it was a sight that brought tears to my eyes. 17+ pages of comments, 5k+ views, was put on the featured discussions of ISN, and on ISN's twitter and facebook, heh...

   One point I want to bring up, that I remember from those comments, is something geared towards those who had or have reptilian experiences. I think some people are ill-prepared for the intense energy that goes along with these experiences, and view it as a spiritual attack due to the negative effects produced, even if there was no malicious intent on the other end. Strong energies in any form can have this effect on the human body and mind if someone isn't used to this kind of thing, it can take people by surprise.

   Thanks again for reading!

^ . ^

^ . ^

Many could benefit from this message.

I am related to a group of beings who. Ought be classed as reptilian. They are dragon people. They are blue or green. Their primary focus is peace and they have been trying to educate humanity out of their obsession with war for centuries.



If ISN has helped you on your path to awakening and greater understanding...please consider a donation of your choice. Namaste

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