One time alittle while ago i was a then gf and i was talking to her about the housr how old it was and past lives. Somewhere in that convo i remember litteraly seeing an apperition of a teen girl about 19 could be older but she was in a gown a white dress of some sorts and she was looking at me. But for whatever reason as soon as i saw her it put me into a very deep sadness the kind that would bring you to your knees like finding out a loved one has past away. To me it felt like heart break. I dont understand fully what happend that night but i have my ideas

Has anyone experienced anything like this before? Any ideas on what exactly happend or why?

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you seem to remember something when seeing her. its possible that you had some kind of relationship, dont have to me a love realtionship, but ssomething that connects you both very deep.
even if we can remember consciously, we still have memorys deep in our soul of what happend before.

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