This information was channeled from my higher Self, with assistance from several friendly elder souls familiar with our Milky Way galaxy.


Self names (the names that each species calls themselves) and some general information about stellar location and genetic structure.

* Elf: Aelf (pronounced "elf"). Their original homeworld, Aelthar (prounounced with a soft th, so "Ael-far"), is in the Leo Minor area of the modern 88 constellations; most elves are living in the Pleiades area, concentrated around Alcyone and Merope, particularly Merope. Elves are biologically incompatible with humans, having 4-letter codons in left-handed DNA, but are the most human-appearing of Milky Way species.
* Lyran: Thrawn. Their homeworld is found in the Cygnus region, near Lyra. They are also found in the Pleiades. They have left-handed DNA.
* Orion: Ot-hyug. Their homeworld is near the top of the Orion constellation. Orions have right-handed ladder-style DNA, making them biologically incompatible with around 60% of Milky Way life.
* Errani (Foxines): Arra ("AHR-rah"). Found in the Pleiades, the star Alcyone (D), the planet called Erra ("EE-rah"). The distance from the other Alcyone stars makes it viable for complex life, but foxines are necessarily adapted to stronger radiation than most species, and their homeworld is not kind to electrical devices when near the star Alcyone B due to its intense solar storms and high magnetic variability. Elves make shielded devices for them, and have come to be seen as a mix of saviors and tyrants (due to early colonization attempts that went poorly for the foxes, even though the elves tried to make peace once they achieved military dominance -- foxines have had much trouble preserving their cultures because of lingering cultural imperialism). They have DNA which is compatible amino-for-amino with humans, and may be able to catch our diseases (and we, theirs).
* Ettoni (Felines): Hrral. Found in the Pleiades, the star Maia; Etto is the local name for their world. After their sour relations with the foxines, Elves made friends here via radio before attempting to colonize; but felines don't want them taking over and maintain self-government, sometimes at the point of a rifle. Relations are stiff and formal, but there is no overt war between their species. Elves and felines are not biologically compatible, and cannot eat the same foods (right vs left handed DNA).
* Unicorn: Arastnane ("a-RASHT-nahn-ah"). Their homeworld orbits a brown dwarf slightly to the right of the stars in Orion's belt. They have a complex DNA using RNA backbones, and are not biologically compatible with any other known sapient life in this galaxy; one unique amino uses selenium and acts as an energy transfer point in protein folding.
* Dragon: Dra'khan. Their homeworld used to be located in the Local Bubble, which was created when their star went supernova. Geminga is its former core, now a neutron star. They used right-handed ladder DNA, but with 4-letter codons. As a result, they had several more aminos than Earthly life normally uses.
* Sirian: Arros ("AR-rohss"). Sirians are so called because their point of arrival is near Sirius; they actually originated from the Andromeda galaxy, and are physically found there even now. They have non-DNA genetics, using RNA on left-handed ladders.
* Mintakan (Phoenix): Na'oh'ta ("Family of Na'oh", family of the Greys). Their homeworld was located in the Circinus region, but they now live mostly at Mintaka, in the Orion constellation. Their genetics are left-handed RNA spines, rather than ladders.
* Grey: Na'oh. They split from the Mintakans over the question of taking a new homeworld, and now live entirely spaceborne.
* Zeta Reticuli: Theli ("THAY-lee"). They are still living only in their own star system near Zeta Reticuli, which itself is a double star not suitable for complex sapients due to the lack of high-order atoms in them. Their genetics are not known to me, as I am not in regular contact with any Reticulan elder spirits.
* Saggitarian (Gryphon): Xabinar (the X is pronounced like a guttural CH or a scraping H, as in Greek). These peoples in fact originated near (not in) the galactic core, and are now spread out across the Saggitarius arm of this galaxy. They do not colonize worlds on their own, but tend to claim them away from other peoples. Elves used to be at war with them, as have Lyrans. The current peace appears to be enduring. Their blood is compatible with Lyrans, and they often eat similar foods; this is convergent evolution, much like foxes and humans.
* Arcturan: Remdar. These people did in fact live at Arcturus, but its stellar expansion made it impossible to stay. The species is no longer physically incarnate, like dragons, but their people live on in spirit. Their genetics was based on a mix of amino types, mostly RNA with a few look-alike molecules such as serotonin, in a left-handed ladder formation.

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This is wonderful information, thank you for sharing.

thx for sharing this :)

every information will help this community^^


It seems I was wrong about the Remdar being dead. The majority of Arcturans here in the Earth Realm of spirit are in fact found only in spirit; however, there is a new homeworld which I was informed of about two weeks ago, as some Remdar did in fact make it to a viable destination after the mass exodus from their first homeworld. About 1/5 of the original population arrived safely, but due to primitive warp technology they were unable to communicate with the other attempted colonies. With stable wormhole tech, interference and time lag are minimal problems for communication, but all attempts to find their lost population have discovered only that one other group made landfall -- and proceeded to lose their world by industrial accident. :/

I am not allowed to know the actual star in the Milky Way which the Remdar now inhabit, but it is a brown dwarf with several populated worlds, meaning they'll have a home for a long time to come.

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