Ever since I can remember I have always felt the essence of someone watching me. 

It happened mainly in forests where I would look around and could feel the whole eyes of the forest watching me. Even individual trees would watch me, I never could see anyone physically though but I could sense them. If I looked in a specific spot I could tell that I was looking at something/someone, almost like when you lock eyes with someone and it gives you that weird sensation but I could never actually physically see what it was/who it was.

It always used to bug me as I never knew what caused it or how it was happening.

The same thing would happen at night, if me and mum walked out in the dark I would feel like the night sky was watching me. Mum always used to say that it was the 'devil' (as I used to follow Christianity back then) but now since knowing about E.T's I know that maybe it's them. 

Still don't know about the beings in the forest though, but I am open minded to fairies and tree spirits and stuff. 

Also I remember 2007 Christmas, where just two months prior I had lost my grandmother. I felt her presence over at the house that she last lived, I only felt her there for three weeks and then spoke to me in a vision and left. I hadn't been able to physically say goodbye, as we were too late in flying over to Malaysia to see her. I live in the UK by the way. 

We came home to find our place had been burgled whilst we were gone, and that year Christmas we only wished for one thing. That 2008, would be a good year for us. 

Well anyway, only Christmas eve night, when it struck 12am, I happened to be awake (by the way we were sleeping in the living room as we were too afraid to sleep in our rooms since the burglary), and I felt a presence standing next to the Christmas tree, watching me. 

I pretended to sleep, but the presence was quite strong. It lasted a few minutes and then it left, and I knew that perhaps it was the magic spirit of Christmas. I don't know how other people view the idea of Santa Claus, but I definitely believe that there is a magical aspect to it as a whole. 

Whatever it was, all I can say was that 2008 definitely turned out to be the best year of my life! I really miss it even after all these years and can't believe how it turned out. 

Whoever it was that had visited us on Christmas night had definitely either blessed us or made our wish come true. 

So, what do you think? Who could possibly be watching me, besides E.T's?

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Sorry if you got scared, that was all me... xD
Not really, but actually I can understand if you feel watched in the forest trees have spirits too. I once was in the forest and heard the trees shaking all around, while there was almost no wind. When I wanted to go home a tree was fallen on the road. Before it was still standing and there really barely was wind.
So I stayed a little longer watching the leaves falling down and sitting against a larger tree.
Maybe that near the christmas tree was the deceased soul of it, or some nature spirit.
They don't like it, when you purposelessly kill plants and trees. (Decorating them with colored balls and shiny stuff for stupid rites is no purpose) ^^

Our Christmas tree is fake though lol



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