Good day everyone,

I will make a very quick introduction since this is my first topic (my account just got approved, yay!). I look forward to make a good impression and overall be kind and helpful to everybody no matter what :).

Back to my symbols;

Info; I do not know exactly what they are...but I just make them when ever I get the urge to. In my own opinion I think they could mean something, as others have said it might be Sirian. It coud be, it could not be...I can't take any claim until I know for sure :)

Please let me know what your thoughts are and feel free to ask me anything I will be as open as possible with everyone.

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Wow those are some amazing symbols. Hopefully you'll find out more about them. Wish I could help but I'm as clueless as you are about what they are. Welcome to StarSeeds :)

Thank you, Sara.

Hopefully I will find the answers :)

Some of those kind of look familiar, but only parts of the symbols. There is some kind of meaning behind them. I too get certain urges at certain points of time to write things out.

I do hope you find, and would be willing to share what limited insight i might have

thank you :)

circuit diagrams

Welcome to the looney bin community.

Pretty Stargateish. If I had to speculate wildly, it looks like something to help channel generally and moderate one's frequency, like a regulator.

Just for fun we could compare it to a circuit board and get kind of crazy: the circles with dots would be transducers (like for in/outflow of energy and transmutation of energy), the triangles with lines being diodes (it's actually the diode circuit symbol in rl, some let current flow only when light's hitting it or when the symbols are perceived in this case).

There's also a lot of tuning forks it looks like which could be the frequency adjustment component for the viewer I mentioned as well as some Kanji looking symbols, or "integrated circuits" I guess near the center of the second picture. They reminded me of these:

Probably shares the same light language you're channeling or something, maybe there's a renewal aspect there.

You make a good point, 4Locota.

I will do some research regarding your opinion.

Thank you :)

Watch the 80's movie the explorers with ethan hawke and river phoenix. It will explain all.

I'll def add it to my watchlist haha, thanks

Oh that's beautiful! It looks like Sirian circuitry.

What do you feel when you draw these symbols?

Words are too poor to explain this but all I can say to the best of my knowledge is that;

I tend to enter this concentration mode and my eyes are open and flexing. there's some sort of energy, right above my head and I feel it touching very slightly. My mind is also pretty much empty too when in the proccess of drawing.
I tend to not draw as much because I will get sloppy. it consumes me while I make them.

I'm not good at drawing, in fact I am terrible. I always hated to draw and the best thing I can draw is stickman :)



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