Sharing Movies, TV Shows & Documentaries that Appeal to Starseeds

I've noticed that in chat, we're often discussing/sharing great movies & documentaries. I thought sharing movies, documentaries, TV shows, etc that appeal to Starseeds, Starseed ideals, what have you, in a place where we can all remember them and revisit them might be fun & interesting :) Not to mention, informative for all of us!

If you can find a trailer/preview, please post it. Or if an entire documentary or film is available elsewhere (legally, that is) post the link to those, too :)

Happy sharing!

<3 Brinny Bunny

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It is based on the novel Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior was followed by two sequels:

  • Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior
  • The Journeys of Socrates

This one is a great movie too ... even if it's in black and white, apparently it's from 2015

I like that one

watch the full movie, pretty fun, especially if you like arcade machines/consoles/gaming

Stranger Things have me a lot of starseed feelings.
V for vendetta is a classic if it hasn't been mentioned already

this movie a great reminder for most of us!



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