I have started seeing flashing lights. I went to the opthamologist yesterday and there is absolutely nothing wrong with my eyes, which makes me think this is spiritual. Does anyone else see flashing lights? What does it mean?

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I have been experiencing this foe a few weeks. It has been on the increase for me and I can tell that their is something more for me with the energy that I pick up that has been part of it. I no longer find difficulty with unusual stuff. Since unusual stuff is more normal now I wonder what is wrong when it is not. Remember 'Don't be a nut, just enjoy them... Take care my Star Seed friends... Don't forget to water... Beautiful blossoms you will have. Maybe some wings... AD

I started to experience with my awakening in 2012. A flash of white light.

I have been having this happen off and on and has happened with increasing frequency over the past few months. At first it would be a streak of beautiful light that was clearly noticeable - I would see it and before I could actually register in my mind what I saw it was gone. First was a beautiful magnificent blue color - and was the first color I saw. It occurred at first infrequently - usually when I was really grounded, grateful, mindful - in the moment of wonder and being grateful for things that I had in the past taken for granted. Increasingly - I have seen balls of white light, orbs I would say pass directly across my direct field of vision and for a little longer - where I am able to see it recognize it - again when i am deeply in a peaceful, thankful, state - often reading or sharing some of my other experiences since my NDE about 4.5 years ago - I had a profound spiritual experience two days after my NDE - and I had to make a choice - and had free-will - the experience was profound, indescribable - I will say there was nothing pleasant or unpleasant with my NDE it was when I was medically stabilized that I had my spiritual experience - that was humbling beyond words, almost terrifying - however benevolent. I made a set of changes for a year I did not know which way was up - but I did what I was meant to do upon choosing a different way - not my way. I began to realize things were different - I searched and searched and found this wonderful site - I believe and know things that I would have 5 years ago scoffed at and thought was BS. Increasingly things began to happen, I became more spiritual, and once I went down that 'rabbit hole' so to speak it is a process many of you I'm sure may relate to - it is hard to deny and go back to being 'unaware' of things that are felt so strongly and know are true - its a journey - and that period of the night of the dark soul - I just kept on asking for strength, not to lose my faith, and that is something i still ask for, so on this journey I have felt presence of my spirit guides, communicate with them, and each day and moment try to be more in the moment, thankful, and present. I have gone through spurts - spiritual growth spurts (not on my time, Divine Time), but I continue to keep meditating, praying, believing - and even in 'bad' times I am thankful - and ask what I can learn. I have definitely felt and known things - I just know a that a certain thing will happen and it does, nothing bad - oftentimes, just things - I sense entities - do not allow anything that is not pure, of love and white light (energy) I ask for protection and am aware of doing so all the time esp when going into crowds (which I find I dislike more an more). Being 'alone' doesn't bother me - I used be be unable to be alone - even when I had a g/f - I have one now but for the right reasons... she has seen orbs of white light with her eyes around me - she has also seen entities that she promptly sent away - that were trying to get her attention - not 'negative' but not pure enought that she wanted them there. Yesterday - we have been having rain here in San Diego - a lot for this area - and I kept seeing a rainbow - but like that first blue light I starting seeing a few months ago - it was gone. I was walking my dog and then we had to go get some parts for my business and I saw a 'rainbow' set of colors - but it was short, brief, and I saw them in many different directions and areas. They were opaque - very odd - I thought I was seeing things at first but then realized I was seeing lights (I like to take photos of rainbows just something so brilliant and are so etherial), it just calms my soul I just feel so much belonging and Oneness, which I often don't feel - in the day to day world - though I am very much I'm told charismatic - and not in a fact sense, a true genuine sense - thought i feel and have always felt different. I was talking / writing about Archangels which I connect with in my own spritual way - and saw this orb go from my right side of periperhal vision to my area of focus and off diagonally. I live on a boat - so I was up in our salon - and the galley is part of that area and saw '444' on our microwave clock - I receive a lot (A LOT) of communication in numbers - so nothing happens by chance - I realized it was benevolent light, loving - just beautiful and to watch it recognize it and then having my eyes end up on the digital clock with '444' showing - it is one of those moments when I just have warm tingling all over my body (that too happens all the time), very pleasant - and as well am going through tingling especially alot lately on my crown shakra. I also have a photo I took a few months ago - I'm attaching it - I own my own Marine Services company and am a Marine Electrican and USCG Master/Captain and do a few other things. I was working on a beautiful boat and just was enjoying and thankful for everything it was one of those moments where everything is so beautiful I felt like crying - I thanked my Angels and asked them if they could send me a sign. About 90 min later I had to get something from my boat and I have a RIB (think Zodiac type inflatable boat I use for work), I love just to get out on the water and just its so soothing, so amazing - and I figured always take time to go smell the salt water - I took a set of photos (carefully) coming back through the channel to the marina where I was working and live - and had 3-4 different photos with orbs - here's one - again not on my time (Divine Time). My g/f is a photographer and I had her look at the photos and she had no other explanation - the position of the orb varied and moved seemingly closer to me like it was enjoying the ride too. . . so lots of stuff with lights and energies. And my first word was "light". :)


I'm experiencing the exact same thing!

sometimes i will see stars spinning in a ring. whatever that means.

Seeing flashes in the corners of your vision is a part of the awakening process.

Sometimes when energy can not come one way it will find another way of getting your attention....Any emotional trauma that is denied or blocked off completely will find a way to be hear.....with high Emotional awareness beings is lights.....Put attention to them, their color what you felt at that moment it happen.....Is a love message to you.....from your heart....Is telling you that what ever hurt you .....don't blame it on Love......Love never hurt anyone.....lack of love does ...... You are the Spackle of Life.....maybe is to remind you of that......

Bright silver flashes .

: )

I saw what could only be described as a gigantic lightning bolt tear open the sky on my way to work one morning. I was like woah... too bad I have to go to work.



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