I have started seeing flashing lights. I went to the opthamologist yesterday and there is absolutely nothing wrong with my eyes, which makes me think this is spiritual. Does anyone else see flashing lights? What does it mean?

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I've had the same experience you've had. I've read that it is Angels making their presence known, there would be flashes of white or blue light and sparks of energy in the corner of my eye or take my whole vision, it's been stuck with me since my spiritual awakening, I may be wrong though, it's just what I think it may be.

I see and sense them 24/7 :)

Its God/Source trying to guide you.

Do not worry its part of your "education" as a future Star human.

Love and Blessings


Yes. Don't worry. I see them almost every day. Angels, energy patterns or entities from other dimensions trying to communicate and guide you.

How come most of people, from what I've heard and including me, see white, blue and purple ones? What about other colours?

I see white and gold

I've seen them for years.  It's worth noting that my eye doctor said my eyes are fine, too.

For myself, the lights started in conjunction with meditation or prayer -- active reaching out to my guides.  Sometimes they'd be slow, peripheral flashes of white. Other times they might be a little bit faster moving, or even had some color to them (not usually, though).  Still other times, I'd be talking to the stars and I'd see white, solitary pulses of light actually in the sky... sometimes those would correspond with my own peripheral flashes of light, too.  Always they carried a really distinct feeling... it'd basically be uplifting or reassuring. 

I definitely think these lights can be a way for our guides and extra-dimensional beings to communicate with us.  I know sometimes I'd get messages as the lights were actively moving in my field of vision.  On several occasions, I was basically told that they/I had a direct mental link and I was supposed to know that they were always present.  No need to 'reach out' anywhere, because they're basically just a thought away. 

Hope I could help!

You're not the only one
In these past few months,I noticed different variations of flashing lights. Most cases,for a brief moment a bunch of little, bright rainbow flashing in front of me.. Like pixie dust. Recently, I too have seen Brit blue and or purple orbs in my peripheral.
I'm getting used to seeing, hearing,even feeling extra dimensionally,it still trips me out sometimes

Flashing lights can mean a lot of things depending on how they exactly look.

1. Something enters your aura... a round light, a very short flash, not very bright,
coming from the side.

2. Someone sends you a sign by any kinda magic... then the light lasts 1 to 2 seconds and it still just works by influencing your eyes, to create such an effect.

3. Can be a sign for mind control... then the light looks like a short explosion or like a flash from a camera, so very bright and clearly visible and looks rather artificially. This can happen if certain technological pathways of the mind control hardware become dysfunctional in your body. Can also be a side-effect of aerosols which bring such things partly into the body (depending on the region) and your body destroys it and then...flash...

4. Can be a sign of any weather modification projects or projects on the stratosphere which are running in your area. They have a lot of haarp-like stations there, making tests on the stratosphere. This can lead to natural light phenomenons, which can appear also as a flash sometimes or as plasma-orbs.

5. Can be a sign from a different realm, but this depends on how much you are connected to it. Like I can see in your eyes, maybe more than you are aware of.

So because your eyes are healthy, like you could already find out, no need to worry, dear.

My daughter and I often see various lights lasting from a quick flash to many seconds. Lights colours are mainly blue and white but we have also seen red, orange and purple. Twice I have seen a white ring with a blue and dark inner before I was taken on a few journeys.

it means you have been visited by Yeezus

sometimes if I rub my eyes real hard I'll see stars, LOL



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