I have long been researching the secret societies which function and basically run our world today. The one that comes up the most is the Illuminati. I have come to find out that our democratic election system is deeply flawed in America and that our views on foreign policy does not benefit us or other nations but only does great damage by promoting peace and democracy through bombing other countries. I am very ashamed nowadays to live where i live when I do some of this research. I learn that we invade countries who do not agree with us and then we appoint our own leader to that country  so that they become our puppet. I learn that we are a country that is meant to keep our citizens in debt for all time. I learn that we kill so many of earth children with no regard for the value of life. We are becoming a country who believes that we can have peace through bombs and death. I look around and ask myself what can i do against a multi-trillion dollar group of malignant people who call themselves the illuminati. I learned that their time is quickly coming to an end but i do believe that they will do as much damage they can on their way down.

              So now i must ask YOU, what is being done to fight these oppressors and what groups do we know oppose them?

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Thank you all so much for your replies. I must apologize for not being on more often. It is very much appreciated and once again. 

I agree with what the others have already said. Staying within the same paradigm as whatever it is that you are fighting against only fuels the flames even more. Dualism is a dead end.

Truly embracing 5D means getting beyond dualism. Instead of fighting, exercise your power of choice. Exercise your power to create. Exercise your power to love.

As living light has already mentioned, many plans are already under way to deal with the old system. It is not our task to do so.

I must ask you to look at this on a positive note. Yes, this group may do much damage on their way down. Hooray, they are on their way down! Don't dwell on the destruction that they may cause on their way down. Keep your thoughts in the positive direction. They ARE on their way down. Focus on that positive thought!

Im fine with whatever"positive" or "negative" action that happens that would help people here on this site and the world "wake up" on one hand some people here need to wake up from the cliche google hippy nonsense love and light mumbo and the rest of the world needs to wake up to what's going on, hell i know i need to wake up too. But not to the illusion of love and light many put themselves in but to my surroundings and beyond.

Whatever happens isnt positive or negative objectively speaking its a necessity. That's what matters, sure subjectively people will slap whatever they want on it. But all in all it's a necessary event(s) if not anything else.



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