I have long been researching the secret societies which function and basically run our world today. The one that comes up the most is the Illuminati. I have come to find out that our democratic election system is deeply flawed in America and that our views on foreign policy does not benefit us or other nations but only does great damage by promoting peace and democracy through bombing other countries. I am very ashamed nowadays to live where i live when I do some of this research. I learn that we invade countries who do not agree with us and then we appoint our own leader to that country  so that they become our puppet. I learn that we are a country that is meant to keep our citizens in debt for all time. I learn that we kill so many of earth children with no regard for the value of life. We are becoming a country who believes that we can have peace through bombs and death. I look around and ask myself what can i do against a multi-trillion dollar group of malignant people who call themselves the illuminati. I learned that their time is quickly coming to an end but i do believe that they will do as much damage they can on their way down.

              So now i must ask YOU, what is being done to fight these oppressors and what groups do we know oppose them?

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The key to get out of this mess is to work for something positive and not against the negative....for example, be for peace not against war.

There were people born and put into place especially to take down the dark forces....they are there now, many working from the inside.


if you oppose someone you create a conflict, 

even if you are against war, and you speak out against it you might create a conflict with people who just want justice based on their understanding which could lead to further conflict and even end in what you "fought" against...

instead if you are peaceful and do only peaceful acts and retreat from conflict then you create what you want, which is peace.

and even if the peace "only" exists in you and not the rest of the world, 

this will have its effect on those you meet and interact with.

its nonsense to build up your whole life revolving around destroying something destructive.

even if you succeed and destroy the destructive system before it destroys itself,

all you have left is a pile of ashes.

try to create something that you want and that cannot be diluted or corrupted .

start with yourself, for thats the only thing you can change.

for now.

the rest will see if it works and eventually follow.

but no one runs in a direction you point at without going there yourself.

does that make sense?

Law of attraction, (cause and effect).

Everything we do, attracts results according to what we did. Positive or negative.

As people, as representatives, as opinion formers, as actors, singers, promoters ..... mediators, ecclesiastics, as people.

Personal or collectively ... This is our great Judge.  


not fighting it doesnt mean denying it ... 

but only fighting it without focusing on what you want to promote and love makes us bitter and does not help waking others up, it makes them see us as conspiracy theorists who are talking but not walking...

thats all i wanted to say with it..

but i agree with you that speaking up to it is vital. 

just should not be the only thing that you do.

"the activist doesnt only yell clean up the river, he should also clean it up himself"

Respect! Love it!

Thats awesome. 

I hear what you are all saying, but I feel there is a time to stand up and be counted. To say no more. If we dont those in charge will carry on taking away our rights, fracking the land until its poisoned, create wars, and shaft the poor etc.

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