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Satan isnt a bad person just misunderstood

Yes, he is a Seraphim Archangel I think? His true form is like a beautiful golden dragon, constantly shifting and changing forms, shining with light. But like a reflection, if you look at him with fear for example you will see a scary being.
In Lemuria/atlantis he was Amilius, he and Lilith were good people and their children too.

Satan is a title not just one person. it was originally thought that Satan was one of hells princes who is known by Mephistopheles. no one knows where Mephistopheles came from. its said he is as old as the realm of hell its self. Lucifer and Baphomet also get this title often. they are all different beings. Satanism has a bad rap by many who know nothing of its actual philosophy women have rights and are not treated like property. they do not agree with rape. Satanist are more accepting of others than most religions i have encountered and good nature chill people. for those who are real and not hyped up miss lead teenagers summoning demons to just course chaos for selfish reasons. i mean there is demons who love those kind of people and feed on them well. but they are on a different path. Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey....aslo do some research of demonology or you can go t the realms of hell and ask theise beings your self.

John i wish i could like your comment :)

Check out Zurvanism.
I think Satan is just an angel. Angels are born without free will and have to obey gods will. Satan is the angel of death "satan ha mashit" who Tests people's faith...

Maybe because of the bullshit everyone tells.
Like the jedi nights of star wars are just djedhi or serpent worshippers....

K said:

Oh and I'm also curious as to why "Satan" gets such a negative stereotype. I realize its because of religions like christianity .. but why??

satanic beings is the lowest thinking beings in the world with no powers if u wants powers u should get enlighted lol and kick some evil buts hahaha no hell as bible tels is an lie there are no satan ho takes souls to hell if u dont belong to that types of beings sure sad thing is that this earth holds all beings from all directions hahaha

there exists aliens with supernatural powers that even more powerfull than any jedi in starwar movies hahaha

Midrash said:
Maybe because of the bullshit everyone tells.
Like the jedi nights of star wars are just djedhi or serpent worshippers....

K said:

Oh and I'm also curious as to why "Satan" gets such a negative stereotype. I realize its because of religions like christianity .. but why??

If all the cosmos were a balanced mathematical equation Satan would represent primary numbers found in the minuses. For example we can equate Satan with the temperature minus 2 Celsius, but is that a good temperature or a bad temperature? A wise person might say "That depends on the circumstances. If I were making snow cones I'd want the water to be -2, but if I was making hot tea I'd have little use for frozen water."

The need for a balanced cosmic equation is obvious to me. That does not mean I like or trust that particular entity (or anything associated with such a one), but I can accept the viable place which it holds.

K said:
So, is star wars based on real events?

Midrash said:
Maybe because of the bullshit everyone tells.
Like the jedi nights of star wars are just djedhi or serpent worshippers....

K said:

Oh and I'm also curious as to why "Satan" gets such a negative stereotype. I realize its because of religions like christianity .. but why??

Okay here we go:

Hollywood has been the domain of Satanism ever since the early 1920's (or just before), and was party to the first Church Of Satan coming out to declare war on Christianity. Often people forget that there is Satan and then there is Lucifer, but when discussing two manipulative (and rather powerful) trans-dimensional entities whose to say what trait belongs to which being? You've got one representing true darkness, and another representing false light so obviously both will start going at one another from time to time.

So did Star Wars actually happen? A common theory I've seen is that all fictional realities are real on some dimensional plane, and when we envision them we are really channeling a potential timeline that the entities involved would have gone through.

So does Satan get a negative stereotype because of Christians? It's actually from the Luciferians representing a false light, which sometimes means POSING as Christians to help bring chaos against an opposing force of reality. You've heard of the war between Heaven and Hell right? Well welcome to the war between Hell and Hell; real Christians know better than to get between those two!

I think one thing is satan and another satanism.

Satanism is a philosophical movement created on the 20th century by Anton LaVey. In few words, if we do not consider the possibles occultist and metaphysical speculations they might do, it is a path that worship materialism, pleasure and luxury. Please, do not confuse this with more transcendent paths as Tantra, which THROUGH pleasure looks to TRANSCEND and achieve ONENESS. Satanism looks not oneness at all but its opposite: egotism (differentiation), the pleasures of the "lower-self" without no matter what consequences could bring (to us but specially to others): for them power justifies pleasure. In this way, I think it is a waste of time trying to follow such a limited path... One thing it is to be against the excesses and clear limitations of Christian church and another is going to the other extreme...

Meanwhile some spiritual path such as the Rosicrucians (of Max Heindel) use a "normal" star symbol (which symbolise the up-flow of the energies from the lower to the higher chakras), satanism has just the opposite symbol: an inverted star. This means that all the "spiritual energy" is downed by the chakras, using it in the most crude-animal pleasures (I am not against them but considered as the "goal" of a path is not very intelligent from my viewpoint). The end of the star pointing down expresses how the energy is "throw out" to the matter instead of its opposite symbol in which the top of the star directs the energy to the "higher realms" and states of consciousness...

Now, satan could be considered by different perspectives:

1) PATRIARCHAL MYTH: "Conversation with God" books explain how THERE IS NOT SUCH A BEING AS "THE DEVIL". It is quite logical, if God is infinite and it is "good", how can it be an intelligent-transcendental-being that is against "ALL THAT IT IS"?. Moreover, a (spiritually) intelligent being knows the Law of Karma (or Cause and Effect) so, it is quite silly to harm others because in some terms you will harm yourself (in this way, although dark-magicians could really have some powerful esoteric knowledge, they are not very intelligent using it against others)...

In the book it is explained how the myth of "satan" was created by men to bring down matriarchal way of organization. It's a little bit long to explain but in few word they created a cultural-mythic being that was evil (using the "myth" of the "bad-child"). As the Godness was pure love, men argued that she needed a "warrior" to fight against devil. This way, the not-sexual-attractive men (that it seemed to be the only ones not happy with the matriarchy) started to gain power and to create what we all know very well today: patriarchy (domination about hierarchies managed mainly by men).

2) PHILOSOPHICAL CONCEPT: "Satan" word meant in Christian beginnings "the adversary". In this way satan was a symbol of the "ego", or lower self that "fool" our mind and "avoid" the evolution "tempting us" with lower pleasures.

There is also a more "cosmic" perspective about that concept, as Paramahansa Yogananda explains: it can be viewed as a "cosmic intelligence" (something similar to the "maya" concept for the Hindus) that create illusion using different "temptations" that would difficult us to go deeper in spiritual path. However, in my personal opinion, more than believing this as "a reality", I see it as a "spiritual strategy" to enhance a personal spiritual path (asceticism). 

3) EXTRATERRESTRIAL BEING: this is more a personal perspective but I think there are some people talking about this also. If some "very bad powerful being" does exist, for me, it would be just a very powerful extraterrestrial, an "annunaki king", such as "Anu", "Enlil" or "Enkil".

You could also theorize there is a "multidimensional" being, i.e. a being of the low astral. However, the risk of this is giving this supposed entity more power that it may have: spiritual intelligence and evolution mean doing "well"; all spiritual laws (and real masters) show us that. Therefore, ANY entity that act against this, controlling or harming people, could be perfectly considered as a not very transcendent entity, INDEPENDENTLY THAT THAT BEING COULD HAVE "PHYSIC" OR OTHER KIND OF POWERS... An "interplanetary Rockefeller" is for me a very different thing from a all-powerful-bad-entity such "the devil"...

Satanic dualistic force is in all creation..it is known by all as the universal tempter..not be mistaken as any being..definately not to be confused with lucifer..

Satananda is infact a divine being..but beings that worship death and suffering out of insanity like lucifer for example are not divine..rather they are under the influence of satananda.

It must also emphasized that a firm comittment to satanism is impossible..no one has ever lived that has not experienced some light or "some thing"..therefore nobody then can deny truth totally even if he thinks he can..

i have studied satanism and luciferianism and witch craft..these are 3 saparate ideals and cannot be grouped together.

satanists use suffering and pleasure to attain higher states, although these satates are never permanent..luciferians resort to sorcery..to do this they use sacrafices, specifically young kids..luciferians have no power on their own and are constantly in fear of death..luciferians have adopted the "YOLO" you only live once attitude for life, they are continually preoccupied with the belief in scarcity and that is one of the reasons people choose luciferianism to begin with..

it is the cowards path..for those who looking for some powers or name and fame..no starseed could possibly benefit from it..that is my opinion on it. well technically its not my opinion..but you know what i mean

By definition a satanist is any vagabond who believes he is the body..and conducts his life as if he is the body..which is rather contradictory considering the amount of people that refuse to change thier diets or do any real techniques.

Lol we then conclude that satanism and luciferianism is for lazy people and whatever they achieve in the name of satanism WILL be temporary..Luciferianism too..infact it is a fools errand , nothing more.



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