Samson's soul group and a world map-a weird dream

Hi everyone, I had a very strange dream last night. I was in the front of a small deck, and on the surface of the desk was a large sheet of paper. Suddenly, on the paper words begann to appear: ,, still hope"( hope for what???),, you are from the same soul" ,, Samson's soul group". The rest of words I can't rembember, but after that a rolling map of the countries of the world appeared on the desk, and showed me the countries where I have been before, but it was like in a strategy game when the campaign map is shown to you. It started to roll from Asia, towards Europe. When rolling, it showed me numbers in descending order very rapidly. When the map pointed to a specific country, the numbers stoped to descrease,and the map stoped to roll for 3 seconds and showed me a date ( the only date I remember is 214 BC, but don't remember which country).
What was that? Has anyone heard about things like Samson'soul group? That person really existed? Is true that I am very obssesed with that heroic age even from my childhood when Hercules and Achilles lived and the Trojan war took place. Samson lived at the same time, I think (give or take 100-300 years). Astrologically, it was the Age of Aries on this planet, an age of war.
Can someone help with this? To which soul group Samson' soul belongs? And who is he?

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