After Long time thinking i have decided to offer some of my runic and shamanic wisdom to this site and its members.
I just need to know.
1. Real name and real life picture if you are brave enough :)
2. Physical age or whether past lives have been lived or infused into your spirit matrix
3. Gender or cosmic polarity
4. Genetic or spiritual affinity
5. And whether the reading should be for love, peace or war

Just to keep us equal here is my data :)

1. Rolf Jørgensen
2. 41 earth years and ancient soul
3. Male undergone Devi balancing
4. Human hybrid with asgardian draconian gene markers of light and darkness
5. Spiritual growth and release for all :)

Love and Blessings

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Tanner Lane said:

1) My real life name is Tanner Lane, was told my soul name is Luanay
2)physical age 25, estimated to have lived somewhere between 75-150 lifetimes, have regressed to past lives and merged with past life aspects
3.) Male
4.) have memories as a pilot, blue skinned humanoid, maybe sirian, proxima centaurian, native american shaman, human committed suicide in the 1970's, nature spirit, fae elemental hybrid shapeshifter, possible werewolf (that one is suspect to mere affinity)
5.) romantic love, personal peace and spiritual development20180214_025445.jpg

Runes cast
ᛗ,ᛟ,ᚹ,ᛋ(on top),ᚾ,ᛞ,ᚲ,ᛈ,ᛒ,ᚠ(rev),ᛝ,ᚺ,ᛃ,ᚦ(rev)

Personal conclusion
With the runes cast and the information you have given I would advise you to narrow down your current incarnation and mold it into a combined whole. This should make the fusion of soul fragments and gene sequences easier and more acceptable and pleasing to your partner of choice. You might also seek some shamanic counseling and healing to readjust to your new reborn avatar. Wealth seem to be a problem as the ᚠ is reversed and might be limiting your joy of life and light. Moderate to heavy focus on betterment of this situation can be to your advantage. Balancing of prana and natural psychic growth is important but following the natural flow of time and nature with patience should do the trick. As the ᚦ is reversed it gives you an open mind and to remedy this some personal shielding might come in handy. Thrust in yourself and your own insights before following others.

Love and Blessings
Thankyou vidar

Just a human... :) said:

My real name is Roopal Nema.

I am 28 years of age. (I will be turning 29 this month, if that helps).

I am a female.

I don't know about the genetic part. I am just a human..i guess.

I am still awakening, and maybe you could help me a little bit with the reading. So, a spiritual journet related reading. I hope you understand what i am trying to say.

Thanks :)

Hi Roopal
I personally find it hard to give a reading on such an open request as the journey in this life and beyond is yours to take and yours alone. Sometimes we travel alone sometimes not. Some find peace and self esteem in self development others find it in unity with others and coherency with the "collective" But i will give it a try. bear in mind that i focused on journey when the runes were drawn.

Runes drawn

Personal guess
As the ᛗ is reversed some shadow work or shadow walk might be required before undertaking your spiritual journey.
When the light of your mind and spirit passes through the darkness shadows appear and this should make your inner light and awareness grow. There seems to be some inhibitors in place, please don't remove or do extensive work on them before you know why they are there. Work instead on building your character and integrity and your spirit and guides will do the opening for you when the time is right. Some of the aspects of the ᚱ rune is initiative, movement and journeys, when its reversed caution and patience should be in order to get a positive result from an impulse to give your personal journey a direction. In other words first find what makes up your personal world and await the right time to make it spin your way.
Best of wishes

Love and Blessings

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