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very nice

the cosmic wave demands that we listen:

as many flavors as we know

and infinite more 

in infinite universes 

dance with us.

If we are to dance the dance that frees, we must listen

expect to be surprised

and be ready to dance

with that

This is so important! It may blow your mind right off.

VERY IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE INFORMATION. Please read this, download it, share it with everyone you know.

Calling all spiritual beings to unite!
What is a sleeper cell?
In espionage, a sleeper cell is a group of spies who infiltrate a community and do nothing, often for 5-10 years, or even more. Instead, they establish themselves in that community, and once they are established, it is easy to create effective espionage from within, as no one would suspect them. (The Jone’s? Spies? No, they have such a pretty garden!)
We are now seeing Psychic Sleeper Cells. There has been a shift of understanding in Governments: they now understand that the transformation of consciousness is the #1 threat to their power and control, and they are focusing on that front now.
In addition, they are targeting realized beings, as well as the communities surrounding them, aggressively (using psychic attack, psionics, and other weapons of that class). Government spies are infiltrating spiritual communities. Trained psychic warriors have the ability to use the spiritual energy of a community to their own ends, sabotage a community from the inside, and many other methods as per their orders.
Please do not underestimate what these people can do. We live in a free will universe, and this is part of the working out of this territory. If you are sincerely working for the good of the planet, and the honoring of free will, I guarantee that these forces are impacting you, trying to block your work, and are potentially targeting you directly.
Spiritual practitioners of all sorts must band together right now. Join your prayers, your lightwork, whatever you wish to call it, towards: 1) effectively ending the governments’ attack upon the awakened, and upon our sacred spiritual work, 2) the success of all endeavors of light and love on this planet, including in regards to these attacks upon them, and 3) the recognition and revelation of TRUTH in all its forms.
Just simply intending to join with the activity this paper represents will join you with our prayers and lightwork – you will sense the network of hearts engaged in this and we will hold hands in the noosphere and make this happen!
Lewis Elbinger has psychic sleeper cell operations in Mt Shasta and India which are engaged in the psychic violence described above, and is part of a larger network globally. They are aggressively attacking those of good heart and intention, because they recognize that transformation of consciousness is the only thing that can usurp their control. ‘Out’ them whenever you can. We must join our activities so that we are more powerful and united than anything they can create.
Peace to all beings.

Thank you I was happy you read such a beautiful poem!!!
Wow......go figure.....what about them targeting rh-..... im rh-



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