This is only in interests of keeping the peace (although I may not be doing it so well). I do not like to be seen as bowing under pressure, but as I am a lightworker it is my duty to try and see the light in every soul and provide diplomatic and amenable solutions. I can and will admit when I have been wrong, I am not afraid of that at all, however this retraction is being presented in how I see truth, this does not discount any others' truth, but since I am the poster here I will present it in mine.


Dear Members - I have been requested from the Admin of United Starseeds to post a Retraction of my  previous post - I have cut and paste my apology letter to the Admin of said site and I believe it explains in detail what I now understand about the matter.

I have learned a valuable lesson through-out this particular issue and I am glad to have had the opportunity to work through some of my particular flaws. They don't really have much to do with the issue specifically but on my own conduct as a lightworker and the need to rise above negativity. I will admit that I am finding it very hard to do so as the day goes on and so have amended this post.


I have deleted Admin's name from these e-mails to protect privacy. I have cut out the Admin's response at this time. If the Admin of United Starseeds would like me to add her e-mail response to this retraction I will do so. I mostly left it out because I found the responses overwheleming. 

Please read from top to bottom and respond as you like to this post.

To: **********
Sent: Sunday, January 23, 2011 7:43 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Why Did You Lie To Everyone On Starseeds.net??

I apologise *******,

I did not think that my removing the groups would cause so much hassle. I was under the impression that I could not stay on the site if I did not donate. I apologise sincerely if that was not the case. I wish you had e-mailed me as soon as I sent that message and informed me of my misapprehension, I went back on the site to see if I had received any messages from my friends only to be informed of my suspension.

I admit I was upset that I could not get back to my page and check if I had any messages and so deleted my content as the suspension page optioned, I also admit that I was so upset that I did post on Starseeds.net and asked advice on whether my message was negative or offensive in anyway (which is not what I had intended).

I also meant when I said I didn't get to say goodbye, is that I didn't have a chance to get back on the site (because of the suspension) to see if any of my friends had sent me any messages. So in my mind I did not lie, I guess I was just under a misapprehension.

If you like you can share this e-mail advising of my crossed-wires and I will not be offended.

I really sincerely apologise for the issues caused. I really do understand that your site is under financial pressure and did not think that my groups contributed to the website all that much, there was barely and activity on either of them.



To: *******
Sent: Sunday, January 23, 2011 9:11 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Why Did You Lie To Everyone On Starseeds.net??


You are right in that I am ignorant about web hosting and such matters and I am very sad and sorry that my lack of knowledge cause so much trouble for you.

I have amended my post on Starseeds because I sincerely do not want to cause trouble for anyone at all - It now reflects as this:

Misunderstanding about United Starseeds:

Hi Guys,


Apologise for editing this post, but I have been informed of my misunderstanding of the situation and how much trouble I inadvertently caused. I really don't want to cause trouble anywhere and did not know how much my message actually kicked up and caused.


I appreciate your replies and I hope I have not caused too much trouble for those on this site.



Love & Blessings ~ Asara

I'm not sure how to fix this trouble ******* or what to do next, but considering I did inadvertently cause so many issues, I am probably not going to be looked on with kindness.

You don't need to show me any ticket, I believe you.

Unfortunately I am human so I do have a tendency to get upset and I am sorry I acted rashly.

I realise that I "made a bad situation worse" but this is the last time I will apologise, and I do sincerely mean the apologies. I don't want to get caught in the drama between sites and have amended my post on there as above.

Love & Light ~ Asara


To: ********
Sent: Sunday, January 23, 2011 9:50 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Why Did You Lie To Everyone On Starseeds.net??

I had also posted in the comment section of this discussion:

Hi Guys,
Thank you for your replies. I have since been informed that I was under the misapprehension that I had to contribute donations to United Starseeds. I apologise for any confusion and issues cause.
Love, Light & Blessings ~ Asara
I think the wait and see policy is probably best right now. But if someone else wants to take over leadership I am not going to be offended.

Love & Light ~ Asara

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You were very loving in your responses :), and did not try to INTENTIONALLY bring negative energy, :) imo that's a true lightworker :) blessings to you.

Asara, I think that was very sincere and gracious of you to do that to calm the waters with them, I will honestly say I would not have done it, unless I'm wrong in the understanding that you were banned before this all started. In my opinion you should NOT have been banned to begin with ! On the "ticket" thing above, I am guessing that is about their web costs, Ning Pro is the top of the line for Ning and it's $500 a year with 10 support tickets a month included. So, unless they are going through $3500 in customer support a year....which in that case..ROFLMAO  

I'm sorry but I think they are a little shifty for what they did but I will drop it, no need to go any further. 

You are a good woman Asara, definitely as Ishtar says, you are a true Lightworker. I should maybe learn something by all this ;)

Thank you guys - I really appreciate your support and understanding on this issue - it was really hard on me the last few days, but it was more of an internal struggle - this just happened to be the catalyst for my energetic release and realisation of my ego (of course another's ego also, but only in a slight way).


Love you my dear Friends, Asara



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