What do you think the truth about religions is?
I know there are many feelings/ideas of what they are, but i think our (starseeds) feelings/ideas of what religions are,,should be more on point,,,,as we may call ourselves more advanced then the rest of the masses...

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I think religion is a way to overcome borders, to see a larger scale of life.
Life is not just this or that it is all connected and shared. I think religion/s should also be all connected and shared. There is no muslim god, christian Jesus or Buddha. They all experienced something more fundamental, more connected than any words could say. Don't dumb down religion through fear.
They all were originally meant to create good in this world.

Honestly, I'm not really sure what I think about religion. On one hand, I've seen it to be a frame of mind that has caused people to really live up to high moral values and follow their idea of God/Pure love. It's given meaning to peoples lives, and some people believe in a universal love (God) that created everything and is in all things. I've seen people do amazing acts of love and charity and continue to raise their vibrations through prayer and self reflection with religion. But everyone has a different mindset. Everyone has their own unique perception of how religion influences them and what it means to them.

Some people really externalize their power. Some feel that God is "out there somewhere" and they are inherantly unworthy sinners who can only be saved by partaking in religious practices. 

There are so many interesting elements and mindsets that people can have with religion. It's so hard to have an opinion on it. I honestly feel like im just gathering information of what I see without really coming to any conclusion yet. It's still too early for me D:

Long, long ago religion was used as intended- a positive and good thing, but religious leaders quickly saw a way to manipulate and control the masses with fear and intimidation. And it continues that way through today. Millions of people are killed in the name of God--- very, very sad

Religion is far different from spirituality, religions act to threaten people of adopting new means or claiming a new ruler for fear of eternal damnation. Religion is not a faith, but a weapon. Spirituality is entirely different.

The category above works for religions with selfish and personalized versions of God like Christianity. It is no wonder these religions give birth to Atheists.

i think religions is made to inprisson human minds and controll their behaviors 

Religion is nothing more then a belief system created to control the people through fear and lies. 

The problem why people think something is bad or to make people closedminded, it because these people are closed minded themselves.
Not every religion is perfect. There is evil people in religion, like the pope and there is good people, like the Dalai Lama or others.
There is also bad spiritual people, so you can't say something is just bad and something else is just good. Even science can kill many people in the wrong hands.
I am not saying religion is the answer to everything, but if you have an open mind, you can find good in everything. Suppression just creates blockages.



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