It has been long enough since I was last active here that perhaps I should reintroduce myself. To those of you who have been around a while, you may remember me as Zanek. To those of you who are newer, you may call me by whichever name you prefer, Zanek or Zaikan. They are each descriptive of me in their own way.

I experienced my first spiritual awakening on the cusp of adulthood in 2013, and to be frank, it threw my life into disarray. I thought that I had answered most of the pressing questions about the universe and my place in it, my life and my purpose. And I realized all at once that these were not answers--not really--because I had never truly understood the questions. It took some time to reorient myself to a new identity, new mindset, new practice--nothing had really changed but it felt as though everything had.

With time I have become much more confident in my identity as starseed. Indeed, for once in a long while it began to feel as though I had room to grow, more to learn, more to see, still more development ahead of me. I found a deep and enduring appreciation for philosophy on this path, and I do occasionally get swept away in a new idea in the middle of conversation--I hope you can forgive me that!

I have been a member here since I first awoke four years ago. I served as an admin previously, though I took a brief leave of absence to refocus myself on introspection and self-work. However, in light of the recent difficulty in managing ISN, I have offered to return and see to it that this forum remains safe and active while Yshatar is away. In a lot of ways, stepping back into a more active role here feels like coming home. This site played a significant role in my personal and spiritual development, giving me a forum to explore others' ideas and a sounding board for my own. I'm glad to serve so that it can do the same for the rest of you.

If you need anything at all--whether it's to request an orientation to the site, to air some question you may have, to report an issue you may be having, or simply to share your thoughts or engage in conversation, I'm only a message away.

I'm looking forward to discussing with you all.

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Welcome back!

Good to know. Nice to meet you.

Welcome back, bro. Markus (he's on in between rounds of getting jiggy with the poppy seed extract), Emmanuel (still working on his own addiction to MMORPGS last I checked, but checks in every now and then), and myself (faithful addict to the Dark Father) are all glad to see your return!

You may not remember me, and that's because I am not and never was anyone of consequence.

Nevertheless, I am glad to see your return. We could use more critical thinkers on the site. Coming across intelligent thought is like trying to come across an oasis in a barren desert around here.

Well, hope to see you around.

Edit: Uh oh, I see you're an admin this time around.

I'll just leave this hot rock here then as an offering of goodwill...:

The site is in expert hands!

G'day Zaikan! I remember you, been away myself. Thanks for being here again to keep things sweet. Happy days. :)

Welcome back :))

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