When dinosaurs left earth raptors formed group on pleadian planet. They started to live as pleadians there and took neutral role in space and isolated self from the rest. It was peacefull society where meeting other people was like the greates thing of day. I know that planet had montains, deserts and cities similar to those of Spain, used rock in buildings. Also had religious practice, that also I took big part, they even got special institutions where you can live when big spiritual things happen and you got help even with medication.

But all of that did nothing to one lesson those raptors never learned. It was a secret, because raptors, blamed their primal instinct as the couse for everything bad, so it was secret of the planet.
Years passed and spiritual lessons reach their end, none cud work with their instinct because it was forbidden. Ibn spiritual level they get to know that they still lack this painfull lesson so it angered many, and they started to leave the plannet, but thye usual raptor plan was nothing nice. As they lack expression of this instinct, they decided to express itand wooops!!! THey monitored Earth for centuries,so it looked like perfect place for them do express their violent instincts, because noone will care about humans anyway, and yep, saw humans only as suicidal monkeys.

So raptors are here and many dislike you, but some group decided that humans has choice the same as they do and asked God for help and so I am here and many other to. Many are born as humans, many also live as nature spirits and some even are physical. Dinosaurs are back on earth, and it looks like many are going away from the hate road. And they should because the have the same enemies as humans do.

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