Hello everyone.

Just wanted to say that you are a wonderful group of people. I enjoy reading the many posts and feel blessed to have found a group of people who are so self aware, and aware of what is going on around them in both the physical and astral world.


As many of you already know, the Earth and our solar system are undergoing some very serious changes. From strange weather to earthquakes to uprisings across the planet, Earth is experiencing some very odd things.


For many months now I have even sensed something strange about the spirit plane. Something odd, something different. "Beware the Force Luke!" (sorry, couldn't help myself).


Something is happening, and some of the things that are going on could touch the lives of the people who use this site. For instance, the radiation coming from the Fukishima Nuclear plant. There is reason to believe that some of it may reach the US. Already I am seeing some VERY high readings on a monitoring site that I follow. 


Also, the earthquakes could touch the lives of anyone who lives in a quake prone region.


For those of you who might be interested, here are links to a good Radiation Map, and an Earthquake Map.


Radiation Map



Earthquake Map



Take care, and remember, enjoy the journey!



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Thanks! the very thought of radiation makes me feel ill, not with fear but just ill.
I know what you mean.

The map is a good one. It is a collection of regular people who connect their Geiger counters to the network and upload the data in real time.

The problem is, every time the site shows a reading of over 100 the site showing the reading goes down a little while later. Most of the time they never come back online.

Me thinks that someone is trying to make sure that we do not know the truth about the radiation readings.

This morning there was a reading of 149 in Alabama. The site went offline a short while later. Anything over 300 will kill you.

Take care.
I've bookmarked both, thank you ;)

Eat 3-4 apricot kernels a day. Apple seeds and almost any fruit seeds contain natural anti-carciogens. Must be chewed properly for our systems to absorb them and not pass straight through.


I am very worried, we are well on our way to exterminating humanity once again. But I do have faith, due to this group, this site that is filled with wonderful people who are awake, who will do almost anything to avoid extermination.


I love you Starseeds!  (seeds :o))




If ISN has helped you on your path to awakening and greater understanding...please consider a donation of your choice. Namaste

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