we all know what radiation is yet we don't understand how dangerous it really is

plz spread this info but first investigate what i am saying ofc

k here we go: ofc several types of metals are use and even hydrogen is used

the spliting of atom is one of the most dangerous things (cern among others) is doing and this has the potential to kill all life not only on this planet but THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE (rimple effect all will be unbalanced)

we as human don't get acces too the truth so i posted a post about the source of this

the phoenix journals and i put this link of the site SEVERAL time in chat yet few  are reading about it


the journals speak that radiation speeds up the elektron around the neutron therefor instead of using the energie to keep it longer alife ; the effect is then it reduce it lifespam

if one bom or detonation on earth happens that means ; ALL LIFE ON EARTH IS REDUCES IN LIFESPAM

if the bom drops in alaska or india or japan or anywhere  all LIFE on PLANETH EARTh is affected

the reason why  our starbrothers and sisters are here is  because when the HYDROGEN bom has been detonated all life in the near solar system and beyond turned there head towards earth saying; for the love of god they are using something very destructive

therefor we violated the laws of universe , therefor that is the only reason they are here

cause we would kill ourself so bless them and be VERY gratefull for the beloved beings of light that they stopped and removed several warheads on planeth earth

it seems that all warheads have been removed

except powerplants

now this is on the physical bodie ; now move towards the spirit: IF YOU DIE because of RADIATION

then you are being speeded up in every atom

even your spirit; according to what i know or read is that then you need to be quarantined for several time ( long time) to return to your normal  speed of life

i hope this info leaks out and be spread and bless you all for doing this

a brother of light and love  gideon

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I think we are all very aware of the dangers of radiation and how it effects life worldwide and beyond our own world. However I will add there is no reason at all to think that the spirit soul is effected by radiation as the physical body is. And the light beings are here in part to ensure we don't 'pollute' the universe but more so for the advancement of Gaia and humanity into a higher vibratory frequency in which radiation, virsuses etc..are rendered ineffective completely. :)



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