soo...doing some research on the paa tal races i found very little to no information on them. this saddens me. i wanted to confirm some information on this race of the "silver elves" the ashland. if anyone has any info on them from personal experience or other please share.

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my friends seths info seems to be the only info however that places the paa-tal in a place that makes sense - incarnating themselves into proto-lyran bodies (before feline form) then encountering the draconians that lucifer helped create to be never-changing, and then after their horrific encounter with them traveling the cosmos and seeding the different planets with life, sirius (silver elves), lyran (felines) etc etc.

the paa-tal apparently stayed on their own level and acted as guides, and were chosen as the architects of this area, seeding life and then watching and monitoring its growth.

The draconians from the fallen universe, and his mention of ahramin, aka satan, can be tied into others mention of satan being a draconian king, and rebelling against the paa-tal. It's possible the paa-tal may have directly incarnated out of an angelic line like Michael, who I believe is the steward of this universe, or maybe even the other main archangels - raphael etc. - might explain the "ra" part in their name I'd have to research that further. To date I don't know what collective the paa-tal come out of except for the emerald order most likely, and I am not sure which michael is a part of.

some info on michael from urantia: https://www.urantia.org/urantia-book-standardized/paper-120-bestowa...

The information of them from orvonton is scarce, if there at all. It simply says they came from orvonton, and started to seed life here, once this area of the universe had been created.


Seth also states that faeries are the consciousness of planetary bodies. This could explain why there appear to be fae on earth as well, as they appear to be elemental aspects, and why elves also appeared to be on earth.

It could be that the angels incarnated into the planets and the paa-tal evolved from the fae of the planetary consciousness, but without anyone to provide us info of how the paa-tal came into existence this is only conjecture.

As for the draconians (reptilians) in their fallen universe, this is still a mystery as to WHERE exactly this is, but it cements the fact the paa-tal and the draconians both existed before our universe and before lyrans and alpha draconans came about.

IDK if you've uncovered the sort of info you were hoping for, but this certainly looks like a nice chunk of info regarding early cosmic history.

I'd love to see some of this info condensed, and maybe displayed in a timescale graph or something. Even if we have to compensate for the potential of alternate timelines, and unsubstantiated facts I still think it would benefit those who are attempting to absorb all this data.

Keep the conversation flowing folks :D

yeah I am working on it - I have to sift through and absorb a ton of into - currently delving back into urantia studies - I am slowly developing what I believe may be a timeline and even origin of when the paa-tal may have came about - but how they evolved will most likely always remain a mystery until we get enough paa-tal info from enough paa-tal to cross reference some consistent info.

Consistent info from people who have no knowledge of each others knowledge is how I get most of my solid info, esp. about say info about my higher self from others.

May not post for a bit - I need to absorb.

also Apollymi apparently has no way to pay to use the site online, so she says she doesn't think she is going to use the site anymore. Sorry guys. If you guys want to continue this discussion feel free to join my source teaching group and ask me questions there:


also check out source's page - source direct communication to the world:


I am shawn patrick dall if anyone wants to speak to me directly on facebook as well - send me a message though so I know who you are as I don't always accept stranger invites:

There are quite a few people who can't pay online....and they are pretty upset about it. I have requested that the people who run this site to PLEASE PROVIDE A PLACE TO SEND CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS.

they also don't seem to accept paypal - when you try to pay it says it's down.. and then it charges you anyways - so I eventually paid with visa.

I mean it's just a one time charge so whatever - running sites gets expensive.

It's why I run all my stuff on facebook - no issues then.

that is upsetting. (got caught up with a malfunctioning 'I'm not a robot' test and posted twice. lol)

Turquoise Water said:

There are quite a few people who can't pay online....and they are pretty upset about it. I have requested that the people who run this site to PLEASE PROVIDE A PLACE TO SEND CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS.

indeed...or a warning of the new fee would have been nice. i understand the need for support of a website from what i can gather they are spending 50$ a month to keep this site up and running. that is a lot. and very generous of them.

on another note to the this post i want to tank all of you for your information on the paa tal. exspcaly you shawn you have set me down a new path to home. some of my memories are coming back and i thank you.

So glad I could help! Hopefully I allowed you to learn more about your own origins, even if in the end it doesn't appear you are paa-tal, but a race that predates them :)

or perhaps existed at the same time, but in a different area of the universe :)

i have learned a bit more than the last time we spoke yes
and have remembers some races of the area.

awesome! Please share any info you may have :(

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