soo...doing some research on the paa tal races i found very little to no information on them. this saddens me. i wanted to confirm some information on this race of the "silver elves" the ashland. if anyone has any info on them from personal experience or other please share.

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you miss a chunk of history between the ethereal dragons and the draconians you know here. That is why I call the draconians that my higher self is from, who predate this time matrix, but don't predate the dragons, the old world draconians. They came before the draconians here, but after the dragons you know of - make sense?

The old world draconians could shape shift into dragon form, draconian form and humanoid form. They were a race of perfect shape shifters.

The ones you know of here, the caikar, the royal dracs, came after. Their genetics were taken from the old world draconians and they were created in this universe as their own separate draconian species.The old world draconians are either from orvonton, or andromada or a separate timeline/universe /superuniverse entirely. There is much speculation about where they came from originally. The draconians are the paa-tal's eternal enemies though.

As for who created them here, that's another mystery - there is info that says that lucifer wsaw the paa-tal creating beings here and wanted to create his own with stronger dna and didn't want to cooperate with them, and thus took the dna form the old world draconians and created his own race here, and set himself as their god, and told them that they were the first in this universe, and thus it was theirs to explore.

There is also the rumour htat the carians created them.. thi scould also be true - it could also be that lucifer incarnated into the carian race and created them, and made them revere the bird race as their gods. There isn't a lot of info to go on at this point.

and no that is not the reason they hated the humans. They hate the humans because they are the energetic descendants of the paa-tal who their ancestors have warred with on a karmic scale since the beginning of time. Since they were told the universe was theirs to rule, the introduction of the paa-tal's creations were seen as abominations to them. Abominations, or food ultimately. br/>

There is documentaiton of faerie wars even - of the fae and the dragons warring it out on higher etheric levels. It seems that both sides have never TRULY gotten along. I believe the fae are the spirit family the paa-tal came out of - which would explain why elves are always associated with the fae folk here, and that the dragons are the spirit parent family of the draconians, and that both species evolved OUT of them

And no tiamat was not earth - tiamat was it's own planet where the asteroid belt is now. It exploded. There are rumours that state that earth may have been a chunk of it- or that tiamat exploded in a collision with it back in the day.

There are 3 planets that are no more:


also the ciakar are still here - they live underground.

there are also human hybrids that keep control in government. The reptilians are used for that purpose, which is why children disappear and sacrifices happen and why they eat pork - pigs are genetic crossbreeds between humans and boars, so when you eat bacon, you're a cannibal.

Those who like bacon more tend to be more draconian blooded. They need the human dna to maintain their shapeshifted forms - they have used them all throughout history to remain in positions of power.

So if you want to eat pig and not be a cannibal, eat a boar.

malduk is the planet that was between mars and Saturn. that became the asteroid belt when it got blown up. later parts became part of tiamat. when tiamat ran into earth it became this world. or so its said...this does not make sence to me as i was there when malduk was blowen up and earth was green and fine. not understanding how tiamat collided with earth before malduk. inelss it was much farther back in time. the information of it colliding back then makes more sense and from what i gathered of the draconians knowledge. they call still call this place tiamat.
the info i get is from interactions of the races on the astral. and some times physical. and i think that is why i have a hard time understanding what people are saying on the internet for terms and categorizing races and factions.

there is a lot of miss information in the internet. not just do to war propaganda by both sides but well you get the idea. its best to get as much knowledge from the source. interact with them on both sides and many races to get truth. Constance is always going to be there even if you do not openly look for it. and some times it takes a little bit to see it in all the lies or information. its best not to categorize anything really as it will fall into place on its own if it is true once enough information is gotten. if you force puzzle pieces together that do not fit it will be will shadow the path that needs to be taken to acquire the knowledge you need.


yeah I don't think that info is correct - earth was already here.

It is said that when they blew up the grid lines in upper dimensional earth part of it fell in consciousness to 3d, was pulled through its sun and birthed out form our 3d sun and formed 11 of the 12 planets here, as well as the sun, and nibiru was considered the 12th planet.

the inconsistencies are exactly why we are referencing so much info and peoples memories and cross referencing - see where the consistencies lie.

Many "natural" humans here would have fuzzy if memories at all of events far beyond their own time matrix in history. But people like us who directly incarnate or reincarnate from those race beings who have simply lived that long and are still living, have memories that are more fresh.

if you look at the ring of fire on google you will see what appears to be a massive crater that takes up pretty much the entire pacific ocean - I believe this to be the impact point from looooooooooooooooong ago. So tiamat may have existed eons ago, but not when malduk exploded.

Chiron existed where the outer asteroid belt does now.

I have a view of the original planets - it's blurry but you get the idea. Tiamat doesn't show on there - I remember tiamat being mentioned in kathara though but I'd have to go hunting to figure out what was said about it. Kathara seems to link them to the annunaki and to nibiru, so it's possible they destroyed themselves through warring much like chiron and malduk did.

Somehow i feel that most of that is not true

The planet malduk did not get blowen up by them warrning. It was destroyed in a accident when mars was being wiped of ets that was part of the true dark faction of corruption. Even the primes where not happy with them. You can see the giant scar mark on mars.and exsplosion. Now imagine that enery to create such a scar mark hitting maldek. The results where disastrous. That scar mark was just the energy sliding over the surface a bit not full contact.

What info do you feel is not true? There is so much on the page iam not sure which one you are referring to

Seraphim Angel said:

Somehow i feel that most of that is not true

Hi Shawn,

How can you say the information you are sharing is legitimate? and how can you substantiate your claims? How do we know it is not mind make up or just hypothetical theories?

Shawn Dall said:

Seraphim Angel said:

Is there anything about beeing called AM-RA

there is AMON-ra:

here are all the levels:

Paa-tal - beings from beyond our local universe, in the superuniverse orvonton - Predate this time matrix.
The race of beings that the angels incarnated into to experience reality. Incarnated angels.
GOLDEN RACES (12D Eternal Life Beings)

1. Yahuveh The ancient one's are male and female dragon lords of the Eloheim
- they are creator gods as one. Good ones are called Elohi, bad ones Elohim.
2. Anuir are male and female split and are the Dragon rider's
3. Ainu - Ra Earth Race
4. Aton-Ra Air Race
5. Shin - Ra Fire race
6. Mem - Ra Water race


The silver race's are called the Ashand's
1. Amon - Ra 11D
2. Thoth - Ra 11D

Bronze RACES (10D Beings)

1. Adonis - Ra 10D

hey man, sorry.. couldn't access the site, it was asking me to pay and not accepting my paypal as a method of payment, had to pay with visa..

the truth is, I don't. None of us know if ANY of this info is true, because the only validation we have is if the book was published or the amt of other people who resonate with the info.

So the question isn't if the info is true, but if you have info that proves it is false. Just like science - a hypothesis is valid until new information invalidates it.

I am providing every single snippet of info the internet possesses on the paa-tal, including my own higher self memories, as are other people who are paa-tal here.

I have seen the information repeated in different ways above by a few paa-tal, so at least it is somewhat cross-referencable.. but considering this info only came out in like 2015, there just isn't enough reference material yet to confirm one way or another.

Hope that helps.

If you have info that contradicts it or info of your own please provide it as well - I am not to be taken as gospel, and we all come from our own timelines, so it becomes difficult in the end to stitch a tapestry together when people might remember things differently across time and space, parallel and alternate dimensions and timelines etc.

Apollymi said:

The planet malduk did not get blowen up by them warrning. It was destroyed in a accident when mars was being wiped of ets that was part of the true dark faction of corruption. Even the primes where not happy with them. You can see the giant scar mark on mars.and exsplosion. Now imagine that enery to create such a scar mark hitting maldek. The results where disastrous. That scar mark was just the energy sliding over the surface a bit not full contact.

I have found multiple sources of information that question your assertation that it wasn't caused by them warring, or at least not defending themselves from war.

one example can be found by clicking HERE

another was that malduk was warring with the draconians and they used technology that overrode their planets frequency net and blew themselves up.

I have also found info that states that a giant draconian ship sheared the side of mars, which is what left the giant gash in it.

So regardless, war appear to have caused the current fates of both mars and malduk, in SOME way or other. It doesn't matter at this point. Those beings who were blown up with it had their souls fragmented into pieces, and were brought here from mars and malduk under a salvage mission, which is why a lot of beings here appear to be young souls - they are soul fragments - according to this info anyways.

Unfortunately, I don't document the source of all the info I learn from across time, so I can't actually link a lot of them anymore, as I simply don't remember where the source of info was from - I learned over a long period of time.

Also I find if you personally ask people what happened you get a whole host of different answers.. some say factions of draconians lived ther - some people say bigfoot people lived there, some people say renegade oraphim and human oraphim lived there, the question becomes in the end, who do you believe? Since it blew up there is no physical evidence to go by so the best we can take any of the info is anecdotal.

My job is to look at all the info, and see what fits into the greater picture puzzle the best.


So Apollymi, here comes the question - I have stated that my information is not to be taken as gospel, but you act as if yours should. None of us know everything - we are simply sharing our info - so let us keep that in mind ok? We are all trying to find out a truth that we all can agree fits with us.

My friend seth's info concerning the paa-tal and draconians is as follows:

(Now I don't agree on his concept of densities, as to us they come from 12D, but that's negligable - he wasn't waised with the 15D dimensional theory, that and dimensions may operate differently in different areas who know, but his info on the paa-tal and dracs provides info not stated by the mainstream posts.)

(Link to Lucifer appendix - as with all info take it with a grain of salt and take only what resonateswith you - I just provide the info: http://sethlyon.com/lucifer-appendix-2/ )

Also found this snippet of info - which seems to tie in that the ashand were from sirius A and helped with the oraphim:

"AC: My understanding is that those from the Sirius A system are trying to be beneficial and assist, because they feel responsibility in that those who colonized Sirius B system were originally from Sirius A. Those from Sirius B have come here and really messed with our heads, and they are the ones who originally gave our government the Montauk technology. They have the same belief and brain patterns as those from Orion. Those from Tau Ceti are also very much involved. Nobody knows exactly what the Pleaidians are going to do yet, but I will share this with you."

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