I came out of a surgery on the 25th and coming out I apparently had pulmonary edema (fluid in my lungs).  I was given Lasik water pill at the time which helped quite a bit.  I was discharged on the 26th and decided to work on some natural and energetic ways to help my lungs.

I have been using a blend of essential oils: frankincense, lemon, cinnamon, and clove bud which seem to help, and plan to get a diffuser for my bedroom.  I also have an essence blend too that I am using.

Aside from those things...herbs and diet-wise, I am using the right things although may get additional supplements for my heart.

Not sure if anyone else has dealt with this, but I am interested in ideas, along with my current work I am doing and breath-work.

Some things did come up when making my essence blend:

Verbalizing my emotions/Expression of emotions

Emotional release (grief, broken hearted, etc.)

Needing to put my emotional needs first

Trying to figure out my emotional needs

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Nah...I do not mind. :)

Well, I got into essences and essential oils in 2003/04...so, I am self taught. I have a group that I created under an older acct. for essences and elixirs.  As for essential oils, again, self taught...a lot of trial and error in seeing what works for me.  I am the point now where, I go by "feel"...the energetic feel of the oil in my left hand, and that is how I "sense" which ones I might be working with.  Then out of the group that I sensed, I go with the ones that were "strongest" and then try to make a coherent blend out of them...but it took me some years to get to that point.  Worwood's book, Aromatherapy for the Soul might interest you...I never bought it, but would dig through the previews.  Years ago, I also had a pricey 2 volume guide which was more geared toward the "scientific aspect" of the oils..cannot recall the name.  But for this situation, I just did some quick google searches and then out of all the suggestions, picked what worked best for me.

I just woke up from a nap with having my diffuser (just a cheap $20 one from walmart) running next to my bed with frankincense in, and I am not coughing as much anymore...so, something is being "worked on".

Even though I may well be an elemental water being, too much water is not healthy...and I understand water is tied with emotions like grief.  I also live in a water "heavy" area and I wonder if that too might be a part of the issue...not sure yet..I may have to get around to putting down more masculine energy herbs and essences...but for now, I am just working on myself.

So, my first guess is to work though any repressed grief, sadness, etc. as to the emotional causes (mine, from what it looks like seem to be mostly all recent stuff and not really past life).

Not sure if that is of any help or not but if need be you can message me.

Thanks :)

This was very helpful. :) Thanks so much for taking the time to reply! I wondered if it was more of something that was trial and error and through feeling how it works like you said. I'm very very new to all of this so I have a lot of work to do to get to that point but through the suggestions you gave I think I'll have a good start.

This is all so interesting and I get so excited every time I read new things or about other people's stories and experiences. I feel like a kid in a candy store. Haha You mentioned past lives and I keep reading all these mentions of it and I actually just went to have a session with a psychic from my area and she was really good I felt. Even warned me about upcoming breast issues I would have and sure enough two weeks later there they were. Just had surgery and everything at the end of August. But I treated my mom to a reading and she got her past lives read and they resonated in so many ways with how she is and things she fears. Ever since I wished I had that same reading done. But it was because of her that I wandered my way here. So I'm really really grateful to be able to connect with other people (and helpful ones at that :) ).

Also I see you're from Danville. Was quite a surprise to see someone from close by here! I'm actually from the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area :)

Anyway I won't ramble here on your post but thank you again so much!!

Take care :)

Sure. Yeah...mix of trial and error and just working with my own "feeling".

:) Wow...hope you are doing well yourself. 

Oh wow. I used to have a friend (initially was a friend of the natal soul, but was friends with me longer...10 years compared to 2), who lived up in your area.  I sometimes get to visit up there to the plaza where there is the TJ Maxx store and whatnot, although we recently go one here (Shamokin Dam) and a Marshalls in Bloomsburg, so, I do not get up there as much anymore.

Since you are familiar with the area, feel free to chat with me...it is very hard to connect with others close by that are into this sort of thing.  I used to chat with the aforementioned friend about this stuff, but she passed away in early 2012.

You too. :)

Yeah, I've been treated like that, too.  I figured out it was from karma.  Not pleasant, but somehow necessary.  If those staff of the forum did that to you...well, it's just not the proper place for you.  As the saying goes in my tradition, "Need not those who need not thee."

Now is a great time to "let go."  (New Moon in Scorpio)

Speaking of letting go, there was also a new Release essence blend I made for myself.  I used to have one that was added to my detox tincture, but changed things so as to take a break.  The new blend is not as big, but helps.

I do not mind closure or not needing a place, but the ruination of my reputation through lies and slander is not necessary... I do not turn the other cheek over things like this.

GS...had another thought here...  When the water element is too high then ayurvedic medicine would increase the fire element  to balance this out.  Have you tried adding ginger and cayenne to our diet..  These are good and very safe for they only increase the fire temporarily..  Anything that improves the function of the liver  could be good...like Turmeric..  Cayenne is good for the heart, too and it clears congestion.  I use a lot of cayenne in my food...it is not that hot..

I have actually done such with regards to my immediate environment (my apt.) with good results.  I would like to add more fire...maybe not so much Mars fire, as Sun fire for myself though.  Sun dealing with the sense of self, consciousness, ego, the "I", etc.  Mars would be the aggressive type of fire element.  Ginger would work well for this and other Sun related herbs and spices.

I put sugar out in the sun and use this in the winter when it is sometimes foggy for weeks here...

That reminds me of some Sun associated essences from Pegasus Products that I ought to dig into.

Woke up and began working on some adds to my Snake Vine blend...one that really helped is Echinacea:


Positive qualities:
Core integrity, contacting and maintaining an integrated sense of Self, especially when severely challenged.
Patterns of imbalance:
Feeling shattered by severe trauma or abuse which has destroyed one's sense of Self; threatened by physical or emotional disintegration.

One of the most important initiations in the contemporary life of the soul is that of coming into right relationship to the Self, or spiritual ego. While inflation of the ego can be a formidable problem, there are equally devastating assaults to the positive spiritual identity of the human being. Until recent times, family, community, and Nature have provided the context for a certain kind of self-identity.

But the increasing anonymity of modern civilization, along with countless other mechanizing and alienating forces, leaves many souls bereft of earthly or human nourishment. More importantly, acts of crime, violence, and sexual or emotional degradation, often beginning even in early childhood, shatter the dignity of the Self. Many souls live a phantom-like existence, seeming to have a functioning persona when in fact only a meager connection to the true spiritual Self exists.

This is one of the underlying reasons, at the level of the soul reality, for the vast outbreak of immune-related diseases. Echinacea flower essence stimulates and awakens the true inner Self. This is a fundamental remedy for many soul and physical illnesses, especially when the individual has experienced shattering and destructive forces. Echinacea restores the soul’s true self-identity and essential dignity, inrelationship to the Earth and to the human family. (FES)

As peace2theworld suggested, diuretics would help remove fluid retention. Since you're into natural therapy, a quick search shows that hawthorn (mentioned by Living Light earlier), horsetail and such are plants with diuretic effect. I don't know if you're making concoction to drink or just essences to inhale. You might look into it if you wish. Quick recovery to you, take care.

As I said in my one reply...I do have hawthorn (berry) in my Immunity tincture.  I have not looked into horsetail though.  I am using everything at my disposal: aromatherapy diffuser (to put both the essential oil and my essence blend for breathing in the air), my other essence blend to keep with me, homeopathy, and my tinctures.




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