I came out of a surgery on the 25th and coming out I apparently had pulmonary edema (fluid in my lungs).  I was given Lasik water pill at the time which helped quite a bit.  I was discharged on the 26th and decided to work on some natural and energetic ways to help my lungs.

I have been using a blend of essential oils: frankincense, lemon, cinnamon, and clove bud which seem to help, and plan to get a diffuser for my bedroom.  I also have an essence blend too that I am using.

Aside from those things...herbs and diet-wise, I am using the right things although may get additional supplements for my heart.

Not sure if anyone else has dealt with this, but I am interested in ideas, along with my current work I am doing and breath-work.

Some things did come up when making my essence blend:

Verbalizing my emotions/Expression of emotions

Emotional release (grief, broken hearted, etc.)

Needing to put my emotional needs first

Trying to figure out my emotional needs

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GS....hi,,, good to hear that you are getting better every day..   the herb to make the heart stronger is Hawthorn..  http://www.susunweed.com/herbal_ezine/November08/healingwise.htm

you might add some lavender to your mix..

also doing a DNA upgrade should help you heal faster..  


I actually do have hawthorn in my Immunity tincture (it -hawthorne- has always helped my heart out).

I have used lavender e.o. on my skin to help healing, just have not tried it as an herb in helping my lungs out.

There are some essences I could try for that...maybe some might work with my blend I put together.

Lavender gives overall support to healing the body....dandelion is good for lungs, too.  I use hawthorn a lot, making the heart stronger seems to help with many things..  I think rose is good for the heart, too...you might like that because it has thorns..  You can use lavender on the skin above an organ to give extra support to an organ..  I´ve been using frankincense lately for skin issues..

I tend to like lavender a lot and used that initially on the skin where it helped with post surgical trauma.

Dandelion I actually have in my adaptogenic tincture blend...have not gone back to using it just yet, but will do so to help with recovery.

When I made my Immunity tincture, I did put Rosebuds in it...cannot recall if I added thorns or not (I know I have the thorns in my bay rum tincture as that is to help my aura out).

The frankincense, lemon, cinnamon, clove blend is helping quite a bit...I know the frankincense also helps with grief and helps (according to worwood) a soul ease back into the body.  It was one of the oils recommended to me (along with lavender, chamomile, and white sandalwood) by a psychic years ago when my U Boat memories started and I was confused about what was going on with me, since the soul transfer happened in a very deep state).  I recall some of the info. I read in gritman essential oils site about what I am using...overall clearing/purifying, solar energy, masculine energy, with protective elements to it.  I just started to use the oil blend all over the trunk of my body which helps more than the lavender.

GS...  do you have any of the homeopathic staphisagria.....this is delphinium flower.. this is the homeopathic for healing surgical wounds.   Another thing is calendula for healing wounds and promoting the growth of healthy tissue..

No, but I can make an essence of the remedy.  There is actually one in my essence blend that is helping: arsenicum alb. (for my lungs)

(I did add some chamomile essential oil to my oil blend.  I do have calendula oil too which might help.)

Not sure what other homeopathic remedies might help my heart and lungs...I saw Nat sulph. mentioned, but did not test that.

I had water in lungs several times, not severe amounts though, but enough I coughed all the time

Diuretics can help that - they remove water from the body

Blood pressure too high can give water in lungs too...

I took Diuretics it went away. I took BP meds, it went away.

But if I dont take it, it comes back, cough all the time, cant breathe when walking.

Cough if I raise myself from chair/bed.

So maybe your doc can help you there with some of that

Tell your doc about your symptoms .... those diuretics can help for you perhaps..

If I don't take them, I get water in lungs immediately often... and it can be very annoying, will hardly be able to walk or stand up without coughing.

Pulmonary edemea is a serious thing, talk to doc with such a thing, it has the potential to kill you.... - water in lungs is never good.

So you can find the cause.... heart conditions can give it too!

Heart medications can give it too, or laying down too much in bed -- that's why elderly often get it.

They all know about it, which is why they gave me lasik diuretic medicine right away.  I had no issues with that and they might want to keep an eye on it...and if I do have issues again, I will ask for the lasik medicine.

I was rather surprised that I had it but after reading on it, I was not surprised much anymore.  Mine was probably more stress induced than anything as I do not smoke, no asthma, I eat healthy, etc.  But the years have been very stressful to me with one thing after another, and all the online bullshit did not help, as going online was my only way to connect with others.

I think my heart has just been through too much ...always what everyone else wants and fuck Carl/Gunther.

Aurum  is for the heart....that is Gold, the metal...

many of the homeopathic will help many things, including the heart.  It all depends on the cause and your constitutional type...but aurum is the metal for the heart, hawthorn is the herb for the heart and nat. mur (salt) is the mineral for the heart.   Nat mur would be like himalayan mountain salt or any unprocessed salt...it balances the emotions.  Blocked emotions cause the heart to work harder.  Himalaya mountain salt is really a sea salt from millions of years ago when the seas were cleaner.  http://www.starseeds.net/forum/topics/feeling-low-on-energy-want-mo...

Just checked my homeopathic book...arsenicum alb is a written in bold print for pulmonary edema and nat mur is listed as a second choice  for this.

GS...people are selfish, people are nasty...they cannot really see anothers point of view...most have not done their shadow work,,,,one minute they love you, the next the hate you and this has nothing to do with you, it is a reflection of them.   I guess all we can do is to stay centered and delete our emotional triggers so things don´t bother us so much......I know,,,easier said than done...don´t let selfish people destroy your trust...trust is a wonderful thing.  I trust in life and basic human goodness....not necessarily in individuals..

I have some pink salt... maybe doing an essence of that or nat mur and testing with my blend... I will have to give it a try.

I made a heart expanding oil blend of rose, chamomile, lemongrass, and nutmeg which is really helping.

I built an essence blend around this Snakevine essence...

...to help clear and protect... some essences in it are grass of parnassus, sweetgrass, woolly banksia, geraldton wax, pink yarrow, pink black tourmaline, and more.

Mental/Emotional Health

Oral Dosage of Flower Essences (for mental/emotional wellbeing)
Information on prescribing and preparing oral doses.

  • To re-affirm Self worth and confidence when another person is projecting negativity, whether psychically, in the form of gossip, or veiled malice.
  • To bring back forward momentum when others have sown the seeds of Self doubt.
  • For a person who is the target of negativity and finds they are losing vitality.
  • For people who are being undermined, often behind their back, and are losing confidence.
  • For uneasy feelings when dealing with people and one is not fully aware of their motives.
  • Those who trust people only to find they are abused, and information they have given is used against them.

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