Have any of you experienced positive contact by reptilian species? Either terran or ET? One of the reasons that I am on this site is to promote awareness of service to others reptilian groups. Unfortunately there are some speakers who cast reptilian species in a negative light, which only further divides the two native terran species currently evolved to the point of civilization. I am from the terran reptilian group on a soul level. I am not entirely sure why I reincarnated as a human, but slowly I am starting to feel that spreading this kind of awareness is part of it. Please feel free to use this thread to discuss your own positive experiences. I understand that there are negative beings in all species, but there are also positive beings, and it is my goal in this thread to provide a place to show this.

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Its kind of funny, but one time when i had fun alone, one reptilian asisted me, also gave a lot of rainbow energy.

Yes, I have had positive experiences​ with reptiles. My first contact was with this lizard that lives in Andromeda. I believe that he is some scientist. I am suppose to be helping him with his research.
My most recent encounter was with this black dragon. He showed me where he lives which is in this forest. It is quite peaceful there. I think we used to be romantically involved in a past life or something like that. Also he led me into finding out that I was this male red dragon in another one of my past lives. Because of him, I also have other dragons hanging around me now. Just next week, I am going to have two baby dragons in my care which I am so excited about. My other dragons are going to help me raise them which I am grateful for.
Oh yeah. My dragons want me to say that most of them love humans. They are very loyal and steadfast. They are very easy to work with and want to be involved in our lives for the most part. If you practice magic, they can definitely help you with that. They can be quite entertaining at times.

Cool i also know dragon that lived as human and one who lives now as human. Allowed to touch his tail, they are so cute.

There is only one thing you need to know regardless race, if they slap tail you, it means greeting!
I was once under attack of the Alpha Draconians when the Draconian kingdom came to my rescue. They have watched over me since birth. They consider me family.



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