Have any of you experienced positive contact by reptilian species? Either terran or ET? One of the reasons that I am on this site is to promote awareness of service to others reptilian groups. Unfortunately there are some speakers who cast reptilian species in a negative light, which only further divides the two native terran species currently evolved to the point of civilization. I am from the terran reptilian group on a soul level. I am not entirely sure why I reincarnated as a human, but slowly I am starting to feel that spreading this kind of awareness is part of it. Please feel free to use this thread to discuss your own positive experiences. I understand that there are negative beings in all species, but there are also positive beings, and it is my goal in this thread to provide a place to show this.

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Sorry to butt in like this, but I've been dealing with the question for a long time. What exactly is a non-human soul? Is a soul not species independent, or is there a primary species the soul identifies with? And is a non-human soul not automatically a star seed?

There is a lineage towards what one would call, consciousness origin, to all living things with the gift of choice. On a non-physical level, the choosing of a physical body is usually based on "criteria," associated with this origin. Reptilian souls are more likely to obtain a reptilian body, but isn't always the case.

Some beings rarely host bodies in the physical, while others primarily do. There is a wide diversity among all entities. If we are specifically talking about, "reptilian consciousness," we're talking about beings that not only MOSTLY align with reptilian bodies(reptilian genetics), but we're also talking about bodyless reptilians also have the same tinge to their energy as reptilian souls do in their chosen physical body, which is something that comes from the core, or origin of consciousness.

To your other question, it depends on how you define "starseed."

This would imply that all is not one. In that "cores" are essentially different? Where did the reptilian soul come from initially, if not source, where it could not have been reptilian?

Or did core make an initial choice to be a reptilian soul, the choice itself setting it apart?

I'm not a starseed and my core is not human, my people fit more under the "otherkin" label.

Ah, and what/who exactly is are your people? Not sure if this is a rude question or not. Core is the same as soul, I take it?

No soul is just the essence of experience and past lives memories, and such we go through in my opinion, the core is the first existence. My people are known here as the sumerian and egyptian pantheon from the etheric plane. Since not everyone comes from the same "source" and there are many sources no alpha or Omega source. The we are all one concept is in terms of being all energy but we're distinct energy beings not all the same energy.

I have never had a bad experience with the reptilians. They are part of my other-world family. And I've heard that Mary Magdalene is from an ancient Draconian race.

I myself have only had beautiful very loving experiences with the Reptilian races. All types of reptilian beings!!!

I am glad to hear that many of you have had such positive experiences. Reptoid beings are as varied as humanoid and insectoid species. I believe that once this is understood, awareness can be spread, and perhaps more will seek contact with reptilians. It is a large universe after all.

I am spiritually connected to the king and queen of Draconis.I've had many positive experiences with them. They treat me like family.



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