Please share insight, opinions and arkasic facts behind this map!

"I wrote a paragraph description about this image my first submit attempt and because of internet censors wanting to bring out the ego in me, this is what you get."

Is this a map from the future or an alternate dimension? Most interesting is the eastern landmass with red "AREA LIMIT" with the landmass itself circled with red ocean border, with the land itself shaded red.

I could speculate for one or two paragraphs about the origins of this digital image.

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This map looks like a digital map (like google maps) from somewhere. Notice the red "AREA LIMIT" landmass with "INHABITABLE". There is a red symbol with unintelligible words under it (the jpg is low resolution). Notice how it looks like an asteroid impact around it.

Notice "United North America", "Gulf of UNA", "Gulf of Mexican Islands", and a couple of cities names that show up on the map but are unintelligible.

Anybody have intel about this map?

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