Please I need some help with feedback on my tarot homepage

Hey Everyone

I need some feedback on the Tarot homepage I am setting up.

The online shop is not fully ready yet, I need some prices and Paypal functions.

This is the site

But not the name. I am gonna buy it later.

Thank you

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thank You

Yes you are right. I was thinking to make something different. But I guess it is too impractical.

Shanti Joy

Site looks amazing, not much to add.

Online shop did take a little long to load, and page loading times are the new SEO. But nothing major and always just a trade off between speed and coolness I guess.


Yes the online shop needs attention.

What do You think about 2 videos on the first page?

Shanti Joy

I'm not personally a fan of the whole idea of 2 videos on the home page, as it would kill loading time and would appear too full on for my tastes. I usually associate online videos with that soft, hypnotic voice trying to sell me some garbage. Then again I am not atypical/standard in any way. Perhaps a nice, short 3 minute introduction might not be a bad idea.

The pop up box on the bottom right is perfect.


Well I was thinking a youtubevideo that you can play if you wish. It would be an introduction like what is tarot how it works who am I and so. And the second would be a sample reading. Like the energies for this month. To show me the style I read, how I talk how my energy comes of.

It would be information not selling anything.

Shanti Joy

I think it would definitely be a nice touch. I was actually on the tarot page and thinking there is nowhere to put them, but two videos would definitely add to the home page.

But again, just make sure the page does not take too long to load on different browsers. Videos can really kill page loading time. Not to spam you or anything:



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