Please I need some help with feedback on my tarot homepage

Hey Everyone

I need some feedback on the Tarot homepage I am setting up.

The online shop is not fully ready yet, I need some prices and Paypal functions.

This is the site

But not the name. I am gonna buy it later.

Thank you

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Thank you.

You are very gifted in tarot, all the readings i've got from you are so in tune! Site looks very professional and your tarot collection looks gorgeous! Makes me want to get more packs :D All the best


Thank you. The online shop was not ready yet. And I will add more decks to it and make the shop like christmas.

Shanti Joy

Hey thank you for feedback.

Yes I need to change the Online shop.

I think I will add subscribe on the menu as you suggested. And get rid of the popup, maybe keep one before they leave the homepage.

The blinking colors I like. But I will wait and see what others say about it.

The blog is really not finished. Cause I havent written any articles yet. But I like the design.

Did you get the feeling that it was easy to contact me?

Shanti JOy

Looks niiiicee. Good to have the pop-up to get ppl subscribed. Will help with keeping in contact, newsletters, discounts, marketing, etc. Simple and thorough..


Is it inspiring? Would i need a video? To make it more personal?

Shanti Joy

A nice introductory video would be cool on the home page. Something short and sweet around 60 seconds or so.

Yes i thibk so too. Omg this is so much technical work. Haha

Shanti Joy

Congrats on setting up your Tarot website and thank you for all the readings you'd done here! Just a suggestion, perhaps the courses can also be offered through videos, downloadable pdfs, etc. at a lower rate, but you need not teach one on one all the time. It will be more convenient for your international customers as timezone may differ greatly.


thank You

Yes you are right. I was thinking to make something different. But I guess it is too impractical.

Shanti Joy

Site looks amazing, not much to add.

Online shop did take a little long to load, and page loading times are the new SEO. But nothing major and always just a trade off between speed and coolness I guess.


Yes the online shop needs attention.

What do You think about 2 videos on the first page?

Shanti Joy



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