Thank you for your many prayers. I couldn't figure out how to delete this discussion, but thank you.

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Sending love and light to your friend, Jave :) <3 Hope everything will be okay :)

I am sorry if this seems rude or perhaps angers you. 

But this is something to which your friend needs to go through. If they are not allowing help into their lives now, that means it is part of their soul contract. You see people can try to help, but in the end they are just allowing the person to avoid their lesson from this experience. Sometimes all we can do is stand back and let things happen.

You love and care about this person deeply I can tell. However, even if you feel like you need to help this person it is best you don't. They will work things out on their own and find the lesson they are learning as we speak. Give them space, but continue to support them. Do not break contact, but do not interfere with the problem. This is the best you can do for them. And yes it will hurt to see them emotionally broken. But in the end they will be fine. 

I feel much of what Amara is saying. I think your friend is experiencing something that needs to surface for them to deal with and let go of and that is the first thing that came to my mind upon reading your post.

Regardless of what the cause is, I hope she finds her feet again soon. I will send some love her way tonight and I want to say thank you for caring so deeply. Take care.

Im so very sorry, ever thought of entity attachements or dark workers?? It could be you know i would check that, as well close all the gaps by working with inner work. This sounds very similar, to what my tf goes went through. Its because of low frequency which is usually past issues, childhood etc, if not above, or combined. Try get them in as high frequency as possible and sending it non stop. It works. But ultimately, if their will is gone, ..its the free will to get up on their legs, so to speak.. The best way is keep send high frequency the thoughts are dark and clouded, i.e frequency. Crystals around the person might be a very good idea.
What you're friend is doing is of their own free will. Most likely burning off some past life karma. Avoid victim consciousness. Send them love if they ask.
Asking for healing from us without their permission infringes on OUR free will and thusly, we become karmically tied.

Sent some love and light, hope all the best for your friend my dear.

It may just be cosmic influences, be sure to be an extra good friend in hard times.

Youre right there, brostar.

Thank you for the many prayers and good thoughts. I will admit I didn't read all the negative, no, or "naysayer" comments as I came on here to ask for healing, not personal advise.
This person has an uncontrollable mental issue that has been resurfacing for their whole life, and they need our love and care sent their way, as you feel led to send it. I am going through more turmoil in my heart than ever in my life, so if you feel led to send healing to me as well, thank you.
I ask for no further negative comments, even if well meaning. It's time to flood this situation with light, love, and unconditional hope. Thank you.

If you ask for help, you have to accept, that not everyone are going to answer or give help, just like you want it. Thats utopia. Everyone has the right to give help in the manner they would like to give it. Just as well, as you have the right to refuse it. Its simply free will choice. When you ask on an open forum, youre gonna get all kibds of answer, even if you "only" ask for healing. Whats healing to you may
be more to others, healing to others might be advice- too. You have no right to judge others as negative, just because they dont think like you, or respond the wsy you want it. This is a free will planet. For everyone. To pull the negativity card over anyone that doesnt answer as expected, is ..negative and unfair and, breaking the free will. Everyone have the free will right, to give advice as a form of healing, if they think its healing too, it doesnt make it wrong, but its wrong to judge what someone should or ought to do.
Its also up to you, to be more clear. But really, many times, advice is healing. Who can say. Noone.
Sending love n light may all the issues be melted away and no matter what the person did in this or any life he is suffering now... so may he find mental peace tranquility and never repeat those old patterns so for this cycle to be repeated dear one :)

Love n light from the most highest :)



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