Hi fellow starseeds! This is my first post on here and needed some advice. I got a groupon for a past life regression hypnosis session and my appt is in a couple hours and I dont know if i should disclose that I'm a starseed. I already told her over the phone I knew a few past lives because of my "gut" feeling, but it's more than that. I KNOW these are my lives, and I want to be open to her so the hypnosis is more effective (she said an important part is knowing my "language" so itll work).

So should i tell her I "think" im a starseed, admit i am, or say nothing at all?

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No, don't tell her. She is just there to guide you into your own self. What you find out is not for her, but for yourself.

Thank you

I'm doing a regression course. It's more to see if you say - I feel, I see, or I hear you statements so she can match your language which makes it more effective. Also, different types of client respond to different scripts. A person who makes - I see comments would respond well to Visualisation scripts, whereas people who say - I think are more analytical & respond well to Confusion scripts, where the analytical brain is given too much too focus on so it becomes engrossed in what the therapist is saying. It's a light trace in an Alpha state (you can try any of the Silva Mind Control Method books to pracise getting to Alpha), similar to watching a TV series that you really enjoy so much, that someone speaks & you don't hear them. It is also comparable to driving. Hope this helps xx

Yes it was exactly like that! And she was so open that I admitted to her that i "believe" that I'm from Vega (though I definitely know) and she told me about another person she had who said he remembered being in a place where there is no time and all of time at once, I cant remember the name it starts with a T and sounded similar to Taurus or something. Anyway, the way she described it was without any judgement, which is rare unless you're awakened. I didnt tell her about me being a starseed, but I have a GREAT feeling about her.

So glad it went well, Tatiyana!

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