A Pleiadian approached me and asked "Can I get stuck in your body." I replied: "I know I'll regret this but yes." I woke up from the encountered and felt though I did not have a fair reply. Her energy was wasn't threatening and calm. I wouldn't just say yes to something's I don't know. I'm a bit stressed out due to not knowing her intentions are and what would happen to my soul. I don't want to walk around with a split personality. Is this a partnership of my body? A hybrid making request? Has this ever happened to anyone else on here. Help...

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It is a demon, any spirit asking to come into your body, without you knowing what that spirit is.

Their favorite way.

Always ask spirits who they are, what they are. And don't let them into your body.

I would never let a pleiadian into my body. That is possession.
Spirits saying that just want possess you.

Serve others each day, or find a job doing that. (we can never do it too much)
A job where you aid the world. Or study.

People who help others, they have a hard time getting near.

They got More defences.

In fact I have never seen a guru turn possessed yet. Usually they don't do special precautions. They just live to serve others, give to others each day and meditate.

Only if we seek out evil stuff, do we need lots of protection usually.

Your intention matters most.

If your intention is pure, you can live near the most neg. vibration in the world. It will fall off like water.
In fact a positive mind in a negative place would heal the whole place, just by being optimistic of mind.

All is connected. If one looks within, one affects the whole.

So a buddha can affect the whole neighborhood by meditating.

I would look within.

Enlightenment is a choice.
In fact protection, clearing can be detrimental. The idea of needing protection always, can keep us in fear. Also the protection idea is often a fear-based idea - very often. So be careful about that one. It is not always true we become more protected by imagining visuals of light. No, we do by realizing our own darkness. It's all in the mind.

"Man does not become enlightened by chosing to imagine visuals of light, but by facing his shadow,darkness" C.G.Jung.

Then we see, the external demons were in reality our own.

We can all chose to be enlightened right now. Noone is excepted.

Only willpower sets us apart from the gurus.
Not all are willing to look within.

One does not need to dedicate whole life to become enlightened either always, but it can be a good idea.

Why be on spiritual path without dedicating ones life, i dont get that one.

Nix maybe I should clarify

Everything is choice.
Nothing in this world is not a choice

We chose to come here to suffer

We can chose Ignorance
We can chose 1/10th Enlightened

We can chose Enlightened too

Only depends on our own willingness.
The gurus are willing

Some want comfort, so they go for 90% enlightened, I know some that say 'Im happ with 60% enlightened' i.e.

They want to have a few beers too, to work a normal work etc.

They see the Choices

That full enligtened, that can be hard to achieve in a modern society.

So they took the middleway

They know if they drink coffee each day, beer, and work 70 hours a week, they're likely not getting to the top.

But not to bottom either

So they do charity.
This way tey find a bit of both. Enlightenment a bit by looking within, and a bit of earth living too.

But they could just as well ahve chosen full enlightenment
Shamans do, psychic people do, many lightworkers do.

There are many enlightened people in the world. Just that they usually don't label themselves enlightened so much, unless it has a purpose.

Many have adversion to the word enlightened

Eckhart tolle wrote a book 'guide to enlightenment' ... he had to rename hos book, as people thought he was full of himself.

He IS fully of himself. The Real Self ;-)

Thank god.

Adversions to labels, he didn't think there was anything wrong calling himself enlightened. Mind like a child!

Love that kind of people.

Nothing Excepted From them.
they use any word that fits

And enlightened sometimes fits us, if we are open minded enough

The universe will give even ordinary people glimpses of Enlightened

I've been enlightened before... can happen during meditation and right after.

It comes and goes.
Just like suffering.

I consider to end ones suffering as enlightened. All the enlightened people have done that.
If you are interested in how to end suffering, and what I mean by all I say there, I would recommend his book. The power of now.

I consider that book very enlightened.

In fact one of the most enlightened books i've ever read. University cannot get the beauty of words like this guy can. I've studied 17 years of my life.

But a beuatiful soul cannot be replicated by studying or science.

Some people are here to help others.
That guy seems to be.

Definitely a very powerful teacher. And humble too.

In fact I don't think he put himself in focus once in that book,but my reading is poor.
Neither was the book done for money. The price is unusual low.

If you feel that you often need protection
Check out that book
Im a positive person too, and as an empath i feel much pain in thi world

This book was like a godsend to me. Feel much better now.
This guy can write my mind word by word

Page by page

It's amazing
Never sen anything like it....

He is a spiritual guide

Before I read that book I might not have believed enlightened was possible. Now I'm pretty sure that guy is.
Also sure a few other guys are by now.

So that is why I recommend that book.

Becaue there are many ways up the mointain top

It can be good to Shield yourself like you mention, and it is a good advice you gave the guy

Just there are many other ways.
Pure attention like this guy preaches
Even religion will work too

Many ways up te mouintaun top

I just like elegant words/beauty writing... this guy got a talent with words that is totally unseen. Never seen a book like it.

And I woul recommend it to anybody, new to spirituality or old to spirituality.

Gurus spreak to anyone
I consider this guy a guru -- he can touch people who have been on path for 10, 15 years, or 0 years!


I've shared a body with a pleiadian guide before. It felt like pure love energy. I was energised for two whole days from it.



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