Hell again

I wanted to offer 3 card readings in the style

1 Block/challenge/theme
2 helpful attitude
3 helpful action

And added numerological analyze of the energy present.

We can use the traditional raider Waite, but if you wish also archangel oracles, Gaia oracle, whispers of love oracle, archangel Raphael healing cards, mermaid cards or animal oracle. Choose one deck Or a free style mix.

Shanti Joy

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Thank you for the reading :)

I'd like one a freestyle mix if you want of course.

I would like a reading please....thank you

Hi Joy(:
Whatever you feel is best would be fine.
Thank you!


Hey Amanda

1 visions beyond life and death
2 moon
3 clairvoyance

You challenge lies in managing your awakening psychic abilities. You are clairvoyant. You especially receive information that can help people heal. The messages comes in the form of images in your mind. Also you can find your eyes drawn to certain colors or objects or symbols in the physical world. You can see and read auras.
Also you have vivid dreams and get messages in your dreams. Keep a dream journal to become familiar to what symbols are communicated to you and their personal meaning.
To develop yourself further work with the moon and a moon deity like Isis. Tap into your totem spirit guide the owl. Archangel Raziel also comes to you. You need to trust yourself and your visions and use them. You are not alone you have spirit guides ready to help.

Numerology Nr 11 light work

Shanti Joy

Hey Joy,

Thanks for keeping doing this.

I also would appreciate a reading, please :) Just choose the one your intuition is telling you at the moment.


Hey Tania

1 condor - the end if an cycle the start of a new vision
2 follow your passion
3 connect to your dreams

With the condor it is acknowledged that you have completed a major cycle in soul growth and now the challenge lies in finding a new direction. A major part of your life has come to and end the new Coe that is about to start will be very different from the one you are leaving behind. A major healing journey is now complete. You are ready to start a new cycle of learning. The new cycle refers to your life mission. If you do not know what it is yet or don't have a clear vision you are encouraged to follow your passions. What do you love to do? Direct your energy towards what inspires you and makes you feel passionate about life. Give those things space and watch the new direction sprout. You are also recieving guidance in your sleep. You are encouraged to keep a record of your dreams, practice dream recall and interpret your dreams.

Numerology Nr 10 completion and beginning

Shanti Joy

Hey Joy,

Sorry for the late reply. The reading really resonates with me. It's mindblowing haha And I've been told many times to pay attention to my dreams because it contains some messages.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your work :)

Hi agin Joy, your readings are always so supportive and helpful. I would like a free style mix if you have the energy, thanks, Cliq
Hey cliq

1 going beyond normal
2 letting go of fear
3 remember who you are

You challenge lies in following your own inspiration to expand your self soul consciousness. You have been receiving ideas that may seem un traditional and are outside the experienced comfort level of your own life experience. These ideas are coming from you higher self and the part of you that is re remembering your true self. Trust yourself and act on the inspiration. The only thing that is pulling you back is fear. Remember you are always loved and nothing can harm you. You are awakening. Follow you inner guiding light. Trust your ideas.

Numerology Nr 4 material world grounding stability, remember to ground yourself when you feel fearful

Shanti Joy
Sure, count me in, any your intuition gives. Thanks a lot!
Hey Helen

1 spirit guide
2 creative writing
3 overcoming difficulties

You challenge lies in connecting and accepting help from your spirit guides. You have amongst other a mermaid guide called Celine. You can open up your channel to your guides trough journaling or automatic writing. You have very wise guides wanting to assist you. You don't need to do everything by yourself. Archangel Gabriel is also with you.

Numerology Nr 3 creativity communication magic

Shanti Joy



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